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Egypt news.. President El-Sisi directs to set a reasonable price to supply the wheat crop from farmers

During the past few hours, Al-Youm Al-Sabea published a set of important news, on top of which was President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi’s directive to the government, that the price of the wheat crop be remunerative for farmers and achieve an appropriate economic return for them..

This was stated by Ambassador Bassam Rady, the official spokesperson for the Presidency of the Republic. The following is a summary of the most important news.

The IMF expects an increase in the growth rates of the Egyptian economy in the coming years

The International Monetary Fund expected the growth rate of the Egyptian economy to increase to 4% during the current fiscal year 2022/2023, then 5.3% in the next year, reaching 5.7% in the next fiscal year, and 5.9% in 2025/2026.

The fund also expected, in a statement issued today, Tuesday, that Egypt’s budget revenues in the current fiscal year will reach about EGP 1.6 trillion, increasing to EGP 1.9 trillion in the next fiscal year, and reaching EGP 2.2 trillion in the fiscal year 2024/2025.

The fund said that the program it reached with Egypt aims to promote private sector-led growth and job creation.

Last month, the Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund approved lending Egypt $3 billion under the Extended Fund Facility.

Finance: March 14 is the last date for registration in the “Importing Cars of Egyptians Abroad” initiative.

confirmed Dr. Mohamed Moait, Minister of FinanceHe stated that next March 14 is the last date for registration in the initiative to “facilitate the import of cars of Egyptians abroad”, and to pay the value of the prescribed deposit, in accordance with the provisions of the law, stressing that there is no intention to extend the period of operation of the law “facilitating the import of cars of Egyptians abroad”, after next March 14..

The minister said that the number of applicants for the initiative to “facilitate the cars of Egyptians abroad” amounted to 34,000 accounts, pointing out that a number of these cars are released daily by customs, noting that the import approval is valid for importing the car for a period of one year from the date of its issuance..

The minister indicated that the recent facilities approved by the Council of Ministers will continue to be implemented to import cars of Egyptians abroad, including the abolition of the requirement to deposit the amount that must be paid at least three months before the transfer, so that it is sufficient to submit a bank statement for the six months preceding the date of the transfer, showing the movements. Deposit, withdrawal and transfer, as well as canceling the requirement of attestation of residence documents, bank statement and vehicle data certificate at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through embassies and diplomatic missions abroad.

Head of Telecom Egypt: Connecting 90% of government hospitals to provide remote treatment

Engineer Adel Hamed, CEO and Managing Director of the company, said Telecom EgyptThe communications and information technology industry is constantly evolving, as it has moved from the traditional industry in providing voice and data services, to the tertiary industry in providing voice, data and television services via the Internet, to be upgraded again to provide new services, including financial services, mobile payments, and health services..

Hamid referred to a campaign Telecom Egypt The latter focused on service We pay, which expanded and spread during the last period, through the Egyptian Telecom platform, which is being developed to become better and easier for customers, and the company is also working on other applications in the field of health, by linking all radiology and analysis centers as well as hospitals, and the connection rate of the latter reached 90%; To provide remote treatment and diagnosis services, a unified prescription, and a unified medical history, through a unified data center for hospitals and patients, and a large number of clinics may be linked to achieve the same goal..

Tomorrow, fog will be on the roads, and it will rain on the western and minor coasts in Cairo, 11 degrees

expect a body Met The weather is expected to witness tomorrow, Wednesday, cold weather in the early morning, pleasant during the day in the north of the country to the north of Upper Egypt, moderate in southern Sinai and southern Upper Egypt, cold at night in most parts.

The Met Office also expects to witness tomorrow blackboard Water in the morning on some roads leading to and from Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, the northern coasts, canal cities, central Sinai and northern Upper Egypt, and light rain that may be medium in the evening on the northwestern coasts..

As for the temperatures, tomorrow, Wednesday: Cairo will have highs of 19 degrees, lows of 11 degrees, Alexandria highs of 19 and lows of 12, Matrouh highs of 19 and lows of 11, Sohag will have highs of 21 and lows of 09, Qena will highs of 22 and lows of 09, and Aswan will highs of 23 degrees. And the lowest is 09 degrees.

Health: Extending work in primary care centers and units until 8 pm

The Ministry of Health and Population said that work in primary care centers and units in Cairo and the governorates has been extended to 8 pm, instead of finishing work at 2 pm.

Ministry revealed the health The population is unable to provide medical and treatment services within health units and primary care centers in 5,500 units nationwide.

The Ministry of Health and Population added that working hours have been extended within primary care units and centers, to provide medical and treatment services to citizens on a regular and continuous basis, while providing qualified medical personnel who perform medical and treatment services according to quality standards. .

The Ministry of Health and Population stated that specialized clinics will be established that provide emergency services and home visits for people with special needs and the elderly, noting that primary emergency services will be operated, indicating that all facilities will be developed in terms of quantity and quality. .

The price of gold in Egypt is down 40 pounds, and 21 karat records 1,700 pounds

Gold prices are witnessing a decline of about 40 pounds per gram now, as 21 karat, which is the best-selling in Egypt, records 1700 pounds, while the global price of gold continues to rise to levels of 1874 dollars..

Gold prices today:

18 karat recorded 1457 pounds

21 karat recorded 1,700 pounds

And 24 karat recorded 1947 pounds

The gold pound is 13,600 pounds.

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