Egypt survives a disaster.. The bomb of the “Wigs” party almost exploded with the masses!!

No one believes that this riot and vandalism happened during an Egyptian singer’s concert called “Wigs”.

What happened almost led to a disaster in Egypt and spread chaos and sabotage.

Riot fans jump over the wall of a hall with a concert for the singer, break fences and doors and explode in anger!!

It is an incident similar to the angry football fans in a very fanatical match.

Ultras berserk can destroy and spread chaos due to the clowning of the party’s organizer!!

The party that used the security to disperse the angry crowd and finish the party in the middle!!

The strangest thing is that whoever had a ticket for 2400 pounds could not enter!!

They were like a ticking time bomb!!

Will the state watch what is happening in advance with this singer and those like him?

Are you waiting for a catastrophe that could spread chaos?

Let’s see what happened.


The Egyptian rapper, Wiggs, left his concert, which was held on Friday evening, in New Cairo in the middle of it, after a state of pandemonium that dominated the concert, after the audience broke down the gates and entered against the organizers after completing the allowed number of 20 thousand people.

The audience was keen to attend early, as they began to gather in front of the hall at four o’clock in the afternoon, and at the time of the audience’s entry, the organizer was surprised that the hall was filled to the brim, and there was a large number of the audience carrying concert tickets still outside, so the organizers had to prevent them from entering due to the lack of space, Which annoyed them.

The public was angry, and accused the organizer of theft and fraud, as the ticket price is 2,400 Egyptian pounds (equivalent to 100 dollars), and they decided to enter by force, as a number of them climbed over the wall of the hall and entered by force, and the other part broke the gates and entered by force, the matter Who called on the organizer to cancel the ceremony in the middle of it, and call the security to disperse the audience.

Activists on social media expressed their strong dissatisfaction with what happened at the famous rapper’s concert, demanding a refund of the ticket value.


And one of the audience came out in a video through her personal account on “Facebook” and said: “The people are all here from my early days and they have a ticket and they don’t know how to enter, people have a ticket and jump over the fence, we pay 2,400 pounds in the ticket, and the bacha started the party early.”

Video clips showed the large numbers of the audience outside the concert, and showed the audience ascending over the walls of the ceremony, and some of them storming it after breaking the gates.

In the first response from Wiggs to what happened at his party, he wrote through his personal account on “Instagram”, expressing his surprise at what happened: “What happened?”

Wiggs enjoys a wide audience in Egypt and some Arab countries, and his concerts are always attended by large numbers.


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