El-Shennawy: We promise the fans to achieve the Super Championship.. I do not know the reason for focusing on losing the league and the cup

Al-Ahly club goalkeeper, Mohamed El-Shennawy, confirmed that he promises the fans of Al-Ahly club to achieve the local super title against Zamalek, in the match that will be held in the Emirates at Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium at seven in the evening, Friday.

Mohamed El-Shennawy said in the match press conference: “We are happy to be in the Emirates, and the match will be strong against our permanent competitor, Zamalek, and we hope to present a good match and to return to Egypt with the title.”

Al-Ahly’s leader added: “We promise the fans to achieve this title and we look forward to doing the best and winning all the upcoming tournaments. Al-Ahly and Zamalek players are friends in the team and winning is a legitimate right for all. We will congratulate the winning team and wish success in the next for the losing party.”

And Mohamed El-Shennawy continued: “I do not know the reason for focusing on losing the league and cup titles. I remind you that Al-Ahly is the African champion twice in a row and that it is the largest club on the continent.”

For his part, Al-Ahly coach Kohler said: “I am happy to be here and play in a stadium full of fans and in front of a strong team like Zamalek. The match is important and will be strong and fun for the fans.”

Al-Ahly coach continued, “After 6 weeks of taking charge, I am still in the period of getting to know the team and the capabilities of the players, and Diang is an important player in the team, but we have a large list of players who can easily compensate for this absence.”

Kohler added: “It is important to present a beautiful ball, but winning is more important, and if we can reach a distinguished level and achieve victory, it will reach perfection, and every coach in the world is looking for a distinguished level and victory.”

And about the deals: “The time was not enough to get to know the players in the team to determine my needs, and we cannot buy a player who does not agree with my method or leave, so I postponed the deals for the next time.”

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