Elon Musk: SpaceX’s satellite internet is active on all continents

Elon Musk revealed that SpaceX’s satellite internet service called Starlink is available on every continent, which means it has reached its goal of providing global coverage, and the company’s CEO tweeted: “Starlink is now active on all continents, including Antarctica.”

According to business insider, his post came after he tweeted that Starlink was only for peaceful use, and the company recently launched a batch of 54 Starlink satellites after five previous attempts were canceled due to bad weather.

These satellites join 3,076 operating Starlink satellites in low Earth orbit, and the goal is to have up to 42,000 satellites by mid-2027.

Also, by encasing the Earth in thousands of satellites, Starlink’s goal is to provide high-speed Internet to rural and remote areas that are hard to reach with broadband service.

Ukraine is one of the most prominent regions in which Starlink operates, and Musk sent Starlink stations into the country after Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister, Mykhailo Fedorov, asked Musk for help in February.

Despite its activity on seven continents, Starlink failed to secure FCC approval for $886 million in support to expand Internet service to rural homes and businesses in nearly 650,000 locations across 35 US states.

The FCC said Starlink “failed to demonstrate that service providers can deliver the promised service.” SpaceX called the FCC’s refusal “extremely unfair” and “flawed in terms of law and policy.”

Perhaps the last number published for the Starlink user base was in May when CNBC reported there were more than 400,000 subscribers worldwide.

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