Emirates NBD-Egypt launches a new campaign to encourage customers to invest

• New customers participating in the campaign will get instant cash back of up to 50 thousand Egyptian pounds

Emirates NBD Bank-Mazmin announced the launch of a new campaign for instant cashback of up to 50,000 Egyptian pounds, when applying for a savings certificate with a minimum of 1 million Egyptian pounds. This is based on the specified values ​​as follows:

• From 1 million Egyptian pounds to 3 million Egyptian pounds, the customer will receive 10 thousand Egyptian pounds as an instant cash back.

• From 3 million Egyptian pounds to 5 million Egyptian pounds, the customer will get 25 thousand Egyptian pounds as an instant cash back.

• From 5 million Egyptian pounds and more, the customer will get 50 thousand Egyptian pounds as an instant cash back.

Customers who have an increase in their account balances with a minimum of one million pounds will receive an instant cashback equivalent to 10 thousand pounds, provided that this deposit is made in the current account, the current account with a return, or the savings account in Egyptian pounds only, and that the deposit process is made during the campaign period, which started From August 31, 2022 and it lasts for a limited period, as the bank will set aside the value of the deposit (one million Egyptian pounds) for a period of 4 consecutive months from the date of obtaining the cashback. The bank also has the right to deduct the amount of cash back from the account at the end of the campaign in the event that the amount that qualified the customer to participate in the campaign is not available.

In the event that the customer wishes to deposit the minimum in the current account, the current account with a return, or the savings account, he will receive the value of the cashback in the amount of 10,000 pounds only once, knowing that they will not be eligible to receive the cash back twice, and the customer can also deposit and divide the amount In three accounts (the current account, the current account with interest, and the savings account), provided that the total value of the deposit in the three accounts is not less than one million Egyptian pounds.

Mohamed Berro, CEO of Emirates NBD Bank – Egypt, said: “We are keen to launch this campaign to encourage new and existing customers to maximize the benefit of their savings. We have been keen to provide instant cash back services to new depositors, old and new customers who have current or savings accounts. We believe that this campaign will increase the number of beneficiaries of the immediate refund service and enhance purchases using credit cards and current account cards, which is in line with the state’s policies for financial inclusion and digital transformation and increasing reliance on the bank in all daily transactions.”

It is worth noting that Emirates NBD-Egypt has launched campaigns for soft loans over the past years to encourage new and existing customers to invest their savings with the bank.

Emirates NBD-Egypt

Emirates NBD-Egypt is a wholly owned subsidiary of Emirates NBD Group, a leading banking group in the Middle East and a major contributor to the international and global banking industry. Emirates NBD-Egypt is considered one of the largest banks operating in Egypt. The bank is also a pioneer in providing advanced digital banking services. It is supported by a large network of 68 branches spread across all governorates. The bank owns about 322 automatic teller machines covering various parts of the country. country.

Emirates NBD-Egypt is considered the main player in financing major projects related to the country’s infrastructure, and development and development initiatives in it, which enabled it to win many awards, among which were three of the major awards granted by the largest banking institution in Africa, which are: The Banker Africa”. The bank also won the award for the best bank providing electronic banking services in Egypt for the year 2017, the best mobile banking application in Egypt for the year 2018 and the best digital bank in Egypt for the year 2019 awarded by the “International Finance” magazine. Emirates NBD-Egypt also won the award for the best bank in cash flow management for the year 2018 from the Asian Banker, and the two awards for the most innovative bank for the year 2020 in the trade finance sector and the cash flow sector, and the award for the fastest growing bank in the corporate sector in Egypt for the year 2021 by the magazine “” International Finance, and the Best Digital Bank Award for the year 2020-2021 from the Union of Arab Banks.

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