Enppi: A few hours may resolve the Shalaby deal for Al-Ahly, despite crowding out Zamalek and Pyramids

tracking Mohammed Al-Dakr

Enppi Club confirmed that Al-Ahly is the closest to including Mostafa Shalaby, the left wing of the petroleum team, during the current summer transfers, despite the presence of competition from the Zamalek and Pyramids clubs.

Sherif Aboul Gheit, a spokesman for the Enppi club, said in exclusive statements to El-Ahly.com: “The failure of Mustafa Shalabi’s transfer deal to Al-Ahly? No, this did not happen, Al-Ahly is still negotiating with us.”

He added, “Zamalek showed an interest in including the player, not through the board of directors, but through some agents close to him, and also Pyramids Club entered into the deal.”

He continued, in his private statements: “The numbers are close between us and Al-Ahly. It is not true that the Enppi Club requested 35 or 25 million pounds to dispense with Mustafa Shalaby. This is an inaccurate statement.”

Aboul Gheit continued in his statements to El-Ahly.com: “The numbers are close between us and Al-Ahly, and these are not the numbers that are being circulated. What we ask from Al-Ahly is normal and simple numbers, such as the one that Al-Ahly contracted with its new deals.”

Sherif Aboul Gheit concluded: “Al-Ahly is the closest to including Mustafa Shalaby so far. It is expected that the deal will be resolved today, Friday, or tomorrow morning, Saturday. But Al-Ahly has not resolved it yet. It will be possible for him to transfer to another club if a final agreement is not reached.”

It is noteworthy that Al-Ahly has concluded 3 deals so far during the current summer transfer market, by contracting with the Brazilian Bruno Savio from Bolivian Bolivar, Shadi Hussein and Mustafa Saad, the Ceramica Cleopatra duo.

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