Enppi announces the signing of 4 new players in preparation for the new season

Enppi Club announced the signing of the quartet Saif Al-Khashab, Ahmed Khalil Kalusha, Salah Zayed and Ali Abu Talib, for the next five seasons, in preparation for the new season.

On the other hand, Sherif Aboul Gheit, the official spokesman for the Enppi club, said that Al-Ahly officials did not inform them of the suspension of negotiations with Mustafa Shalaby, the team’s wing, pointing out that the petroleum club did not ask 30 million pounds to give up the player during the current summer transfer period, as it is reported.

Aboul Gheit added, during exclusive statements to “The Seventh Day”, that Mustafa Shalaby is still a player in the petroleum team, explaining that the club does not mind his departure if the financial offer from Al-Ahly Club reaches the number that meets the aspirations of Enppi officials.

The official spokesman for the Enppi club revealed that Al-Ahly officials offered to transfer Mahmoud Metwally to the ranks of the petroleum team in exchange for the Shalaby deal, in addition to a financial amount, but the petroleum club’s management refused to enter into reciprocal deals; Because of Mahmoud Metwally’s high salary, he pointed out that the player receives 6 million pounds, while the salary ceiling in Enppi does not exceed 3 million pounds.

Aboul Gheit affirmed that the reports about Enppi’s exaggeration in their material demands are unfounded and aimed at putting pressure on the Petroleum Club, and the evidence is that the club allowed more than one player to leave, but in the way the club sees it satisfies his needs.

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