Enppi dispenses with the services of 8 players, including the captain

The management of Enppi Club was keen to thank eight players in conjunction with the end of last season, from the Egyptian Premier League, led by team captain Ibrahim Yahya.

The list of players that the administration dispensed with is as follows: Ibrahim Yahya, Ibrahim Al-Qadi, Mahmoud Naim, the three-defense team, Mustafa Gamal, Mohab Yasser, Salah Rico, Mohamed Tawakkol, the midfield quartet, and Ahmed Gomaa, the team’s striker.

On the other hand, the Enppi club’s board of directors settled on the departure of the Portuguese Jorvan Vieira from training the petroleum team, as the administration will hold a meeting in the coming hours in which it will reveal the scenes of the coach’s departure and announce the appointment of Ahmed Koshary as technical director to succeed him.

The delay in deciding Vieira’s fate of staying in the new season or leaving caused the failure to set a date for the players to return to group training, and the coach is a step away from leaving the petroleum team in the new season after the unsatisfactory results he presented.

There has been a state of division within the board of directors of the Enppi Club, during the past few days, over the fate of Vieira, as some believed that the coach was not suitable for the current stage in the petroleum team, especially since he got his chance completely and did not perform what was required of him and the team suffered under his leadership, and was close to relegation to The second division in the past season, but it survived with difficulty, while others preferred to stay before settling on his departure.

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