Enppi promises Mustafa Shalaby to leave as soon as a suitable offer arrives

Enppi club officials, Mustafa Shalaby, the team’s wing, promised to leave in the current summer transfers if an appropriate offer was received to include him that meets their financial ambitions, especially since the player received more than one offer and became the focus of attention of the top clubs in the Egyptian League.

Enppi received more than one offer to give up Mustafa Shalaby’s services in the summer Mercato, but they are still under study to compare between them, as the Petroleum Club’s management knows the player’s potential well and intends to achieve the highest financial return from selling it.

On the other hand, the technical committee of the Enppi club is studying the report submitted by the Portuguese Jorvan Vieira, technical director of the petroleum team, during the past two days before making the final decision regarding his fate with the team in the new season, especially since his position is still ambiguous and has not been determined.

The report included a response to the reasons for the decline in the petroleum team’s results during the past season and the deterioration of the players’ performance, especially that the petroleum team was exposed to a difficult situation and escaped from the specter of relegation to the second division in the last meters with great difficulty.

There is a tendency within the board of directors of Enppi Club to rely on the local coach in the event of a final agreement on the departure of the Portuguese Jorvan Vieira, the technical director of the petroleum team, especially since their point of view is focused on the fact that the experience of the foreign coach was not successful and did not serve the desired purpose.

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