Entrepreneurship expert: Linking education to entrepreneurship is a necessity to advance the national economy

Dr. Dalia Ibrahim, an expert in the field of entrepreneurship, stressed the importance of Egypt’s hosting of the United Nations Climate Change Summit at a time when all countries of the world are facing great challenges, and the successive crises they suffer from that have affected all aspects of life.

She pointed out in press statements on the sidelines of the eighth “Techni” summit, currently being held in Alexandria Governorate during the period from 5-8 November, to the importance of the role of education in raising awareness of the important changes and knowledge about this important and landmark summit in the life of all mankind, stressing that Linking education to entrepreneurship has become an absolute necessity for the advancement of all areas, especially the national economy.

Dr. Dalia Ibrahim explained the importance of creating a new axis within the axes of the Techni Summit on education, technology and digitization, as it aims to enhance the role of startups and encourage entrepreneurs to devise solutions that contribute to the development and improvement of the educational process.

She explained that under this axis, successful youth experiences were hosted for companies such as (Akhdar, I-School, OBM, Kraft and SuperFun), which work in the field of vocational education and training young people in traditional and heritage crafts to preserve them from extinction.

Ibrahim revealed that a new investment will soon be announced in one of the emerging companies working in the field of education, which has innovative solutions to the challenges facing the education sector in Egypt, and this company works in the field of helping families and parents of students to develop behaviors inside the school, ensuring Good achievement of students, and teaching them languages ​​in innovative and non-traditional ways using modern techniques in the process of learning.

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