“Etisalat Misr”: 5.5 billion pounds, the size of the company’s investments in Egypt

Today, as part of the “Egypt and the Emirates… One Heart” celebration, a session was held on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Egyptian-Emirati relations, a session entitled “Etisalat Egypt.. 15 years of communication”, in which Hazem Metwally, CEO of “Etisalat Misr” participated. and Khalifa Al Shamsi, CEO of Etisalat – Digital Services for Individuals, and it was moderated by Dina Abdul Karim.

During his speech, Hazem Metwally, CEO of Etisalat Misr, stressed: “The customer’s trust is the company’s supreme goal, not only to achieve his desire, but to achieve more than he expected, and we were able to obtain the customer’s confidence already.” He added during the session: “Telecommunications companies offer much more than telephone communication or data exchange. There is a contribution to designing electronic systems, especially in the New Administrative Capital.” He pointed out that “the Corona pandemic showed the strength of telecommunications companies in Egypt.”

Metwally also pointed out that “Etisalat Misr did not force its customers to change the segment with the entry of the fourth generation networks in Egypt, because the company had prepared for it for many years,” explaining that “the digital transformation for Egypt is to have an integrated database, which is among the most important goals The 2030 plan, as well as the electronic signature that the state has begun to implement.”

The CEO of Etisalat Misr indicated that “Etisalat for Community Development” invested more than 150 million pounds in the field of health during the last period, and that employees feel proud that their company has a societal role. He concluded his speech by stressing that a group of communications is present in 16 countries, and that there are great aspects of cooperation and integration between Egypt and the UAE in particular.

He revealed the size of the company’s investments in Egypt, which exceeded 5.5 billion pounds in 2022, to expand the network.

For his part, Khalifa Al Shamsi, CEO of “&e Al Hayat” said, “The official launch of the company in Egypt in May 2007 was the fruit that the company planted in Egypt as an investment among the group of large foreign investments of Etisalat Group around the world.” He added that “ The share of Emirati companies in the company’s unit in Egypt represents 66% of the total ownership structure of the company, next to the Egyptian Post, whose participation reflects the confidence of both sides in the efficiency of the Emirati team,” noting that: “The company is among the fastest growing in the world in the Egyptian market, as it collected one million subscribers within 45 years. Just a day in 2007.”

Al Shamsi added: “Since its inception in 1967, the company has the latest modern technologies and is constantly looking into the market situation. When it felt that the sector was approaching the saturation stage, it launched the new strategy last February, in parallel with the number of customers reaching 160 million customers in the Middle East and North Africa. And he specified that: “The number of branches and points of sale in Egypt in particular is about 100 direct points of sale, explaining that digital transformation has become a primary concern for all workers in all economic sectors,” noting that the new strategy focused on the added value that the company will provide through financial services. And the shift towards greater financial inclusion, following what appeared with the spread of the Corona epidemic, from a shift in the nature of consumers with regard to electronic payment technologies and online financial transactions in general.”

He also stressed that: “The company’s focus at the same time is on entertainment content in general, so the company, through Emirates Vision, a subsidiary of Etisalat Group and the “Holding” (ADQ), acquired approximately 57% of “Stars Play Arabia”, to support the transfer of entertainment content to subscribers. around the world.

He added: “After 15 years of investing in Egypt, we have reached a conviction that the investor who invests in Egypt now, because what is being built in Egypt is being built to remain like the pyramids, tall and enduring, no matter what changes happen. For the Egyptian people and economy. He concluded by saying, “We have become open to dealing with all companies in all technological sectors, and it is possible to establish new companies in the Internet of Things and industrial and agricultural technology sectors with Egyptian partners.”

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