“Etisalat” organizes an international forum to discuss the principles of digital transformation through the Govstack initiative

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology organized an international forum to discuss the principles and concepts of the Govstack Global Initiative, which aims to support countries in digital transformation.

It is implemented in Egypt within the project to support e-government and innovation in public administration implemented by the German Agency for International Cooperation (giz) on behalf of the German government. The forum dealt with a review of the Egyptian experience to achieve digital transformation in accordance with global standards and best practices within the framework of Egypt’s digital strategy, especially since Egypt is one of the first countries to achieve the principles of designing digital transformation for governments through the initiative worldwide.

This comes within the framework of the efforts exerted to achieve digital transformation and the keenness to exchange experiences and knowledge in this field with various countries of the world.

Participate in the forum’s activities through physical attendance at the Digital Egypt Creativity Center at Sultan Hussein Kamel Palace or via video conference technology; A number of officials in international and local stakeholders, and digital transformation experts from Egypt and the world.

The GovSTACK Global Initiative was founded in 2021 by the German government, the Estonian government, giz, the International Telecommunication Union, and the Digital Impact Alliance.

Khaled Al-Attar, Deputy Minister of Communications

The initiative aims to support countries to achieve digital transformation safely, quickly and efficiently, and to advance the digitization of government services. It also seeks to establish partnerships with governments, various bodies, private sector organizations and the open source community.

The activities of the forum shed light on the efforts of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in completing integrated digital systems to serve citizens with the latest international standards, keeping pace with rapid technological changes, and achieving integration with the participatory applications that the government will work with in the new administrative capital. The mechanisms for applying the comprehensive government approach were also discussed. And ways to strengthen cooperation between countries, stakeholders and digital transformation experts.

It also included many workshops and discussion panels to exchange visions on the various areas that affect the digital transformation roadmap in cooperation with the private sector.

Khaled Al-Attar among the participants in the Digital Transformation Forum
Khaled Al-Attar among the participants in the Digital Transformation Forum

Eng. Khaled Al-Attar, Deputy Minister of Communications and Information Technology for Administrative Development, Digital Transformation and Mechanization, reviewed the national strategy for digital transformation in the government in the coming period by restructuring government procedures. He also discussed a number of issues with those responsible for digital transformation files in some countries of the world, including Estonia and Ireland. and Mexico to identify the most important challenges facing countries in implementing digital transformation.

The discussions resulted in recommendations to help modern countries implement digital transformation to become modern digital nations.

For her part, Ingrid Amer, Ambassador of the Republic of Estonia in Cairo, stressed that there is a political will in Estonia to develop and implement digital transformation methods; Where 99% of government services have been digitized; She pointed out that Egypt is distinguished by the implementation of giant projects, which provides avenues for cooperation between the two countries and the exchange of experiences. Stressing that the govstack initiative contributes to designing and building digital governments.

Adel Darwish, Director of the Regional Office for Arab States at the International Telecommunication Union, stressed the importance of cooperation with the Ministry of Communications in Egypt, due to its distinguished expertise in launching digital government services in light of the “Digital Egypt” strategy. Expressing his aspiration for Egypt to share its distinguished experience with the relevant countries in the region and the world; “We look forward to supporting Egypt’s national efforts in this field, especially in the field of capacity building, and we look forward to accelerating this cooperation in the coming period,” he added.

Kai Andrashko, Vice President of the German Agency for International Cooperation, the implementing agency for German cooperation, stressed on behalf of the German government that the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development believes that digital transformation provides great opportunities to improve the lives of all citizens of the world. He pointed out that a German digital strategy, digitization for development, was formulated with the aim of taking advantage of the capabilities offered by digital transformation, adding, “Our common goal is to support Egypt during its journey to achieve the transformation to a digital society, and to enhance digital inclusion.”

international telecommunications conference
international telecommunications conference

Yolande Martins, Project Coordinator of the ITU Digital Design Concepts and Principles for Governments Initiative, explained the efforts exerted to develop effective building blocks, starting from the idea and adoption to implementation and implementation, which are shared in use with all stakeholders with the aim of designing and implementing effective digital government systems where the interests of countries and the challenges that are put in place. It prioritizes finding digital solutions; “We are working together to benefit from the partners’ experiences and best practices,” she added.

It is worth noting that Egypt joined as a participating country in the GovSTACK initiative in June 2021. A technical team was formed from the digital transformation team to attend and participate in all the meetings of the initiative’s work teams.

The cooperation between the two sides focuses on exchanging knowledge about the comprehensive government approach to ensure digital transformation in accordance with international best practices.

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