Everything you need to know about the new Instagram features for teens

Meta-owned Instagram has announced new features for its teenage and other users, giving them more control over the time they spend on the app and what they see.

These include a quiet mode that silences notifications, and the Not Interested button is now expanded to more users, allowing users to hide a specific word from their feed and update parental controls..

Quiet mode” to help users focus on the real world

Instagram introduces Quiet Mode to help users focus and set boundaries with friends and followers on the app.

Once users enable quiet mode, they will not receive any notifications until the mode is turned off.

Moreover, the activity status will change to “in silent mode”, and an automatic reply will be sent if someone sends a message.

Users can set quiet mode hours according to their schedule, and once the time frame is up, the app will display a quick summary of missed notifications.

The silent mode will be unlocked for all users, but teens will be asked to use it if they find themselves spending too much time on the app late at night.

Instagram says teens have requested a feature to help them take time off the app and focus on other things.

Quiet Mode will first be made available to users in the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand today and will be rolling out soon to other regions..

Giving users more control over what they see

Instagram is introducing new options for users, especially teens, to tell the algorithm what they don’t like to get better recommendations.

There used to be no option to dislike a post, but now with the “Disinterested” feature, users can tell Instagram that they are not interested in a post shown on the Explore page.

Moreover, users can select multiple posts and mark them as “not interested” to hide them.

When a user marks a post as uninterested, Instagram will try to show fewer of those posts in Explore.

Earlier, Instagram introduced the ability to hide comments and direct messages that have a specific word.

Users can also hide recommended posts, including reels, that may include words, emojis, or hashtags that users want to avoid.

To hide recommended posts all a user needs to do is head to the “Hidden Tags” section within the privacy settings and put the words, emoji or hashtag they don’t want in their feed.

More control for parents

In addition to improving the experience for teens, Instagram has also introduced some features to help parents keep tabs on their kids on Instagram.

Parents can see their children’s privacy and account settings and will receive a notification when the child changes the settings. Moreover, parents will be able to view the accounts blocked by their child.

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