Exciting confessions of the lady of Al-Warraq in the incident of the fall of her maid from the tenth floor

The Public Prosecution Office in North Giza heard the statements of Mrs. Al-Warraq in the incident of the fall of her maid, from the window of her apartment on the tenth floor in a residential property in Al-Warraq area.

In her statements, the lady admitted that the maid stabbed her 4 times, and grabbed her by her hair to force her to reveal the sums of money she had and gold, and she continued, saying, as soon as she was given the money, I locked my bedroom with the key.

And the owner of the apartment added in her words, at this time my husband was under the property and was waiting for me, he kept ringing me, but the phones were in the hall, so he went up to the house because I was late, he found the door of the house closed, the maid closed it, he kept knocking on the door but to no avail..

The lady explained that the maid was afraid of knocking on the door, so she immediately threw herself, fearing my husband and the neighbors..

In her statements, she added that the maid had left work a while ago, due to ill conditions, and returned again on the day of the incident, and on the day of the incident, she received a phone call from the maids office informing her that the maid working there was bad behavior, “in people she complained about because she stole them”, when she returned home , I informed her, saying, “You are making problems with someone and stealing people you used to work for.” When the maid heard these words, an argument broke out between them, she grabbed a knife that she was hiding in her clothes, and tried to hit her, so the lady tried to defend herself.

And the woman added in her statements, “When I saw her, she would hit me with a knife. We were in the kitchen at the time. I tried to bite her to let the peace go. Indeed, it fell from her hands, but I was surprised. I grabbed another knife from me in the kitchen and stabbed me 4 times, in the abdomen, back, shoulder, and hand.”“.

The Public Prosecution Office in Giza assigned the forensic doctor to sign the anatomical character on a maid who was killed after a quarrel with the owner of the apartment and her husband in the Warraq area, to explain the injuries she had, and to determine the cause of death and how it occurred.

The Public Prosecution also ordered the examination of all material artifacts raised at the scene of the accident, and assigned the security services to expedite investigations into the incident.

The Public Prosecution moved to the crime scene, accompanied by the experts of the Public Administration to investigate forensic evidence to inspect it, remove the traces therein, and interview the body.

The owner of the apartment confessed to the prosecution. The maid asked to leave and quit work, but she refused, which made her angry, so she took a knife from the kitchen, and injured her superficially with a white weapon in different parts of her body..

The owner of the apartment added that she was surprised after calling the police that the girl threw herself from the balcony of the house from the tenth floor, and confirmed that she was not involved in the accident and had nothing to do with her fall..

Al-Warraq Police Department received a report that a woman had fallen from the tenth floor, killing her on the spot. The tenth, and that a quarrel broke out between her and the owner of the apartment, so the latter sought the help of her husband, and the quarrel resulted in the maid falling out of the window and killing her..

The detectives were able to arrest the accused, and notified Major General Abdel Aziz Selim, Director of the General Department of Giza Investigation, who directed that the necessary legal measures be taken against the accused, and the competent prosecution began the investigation..

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