Execution by hanging for those accused of killing Shaima Jamal, the journalist.. Photos

Today, Sunday, the Giza Criminal Court, headed by Counselor Bilal Mohamed El-Baqi, punished Shaima Gamal’s husband and his partner by hanging for premeditated murder.

Counselor Hamada Al-Sawy had previously ordered the Public Prosecutor, to refer the accused to the criminal trial, at the conclusion of the investigations initiated by the Public Prosecution. He kept secret her request for sums of money from him, so he offered the second defendant, Hussein Al-Garabli, his help in killing her, and the latter accepted a sum of money promised by the first defendant.

Investigations revealed that the defendants had resolved and intended to take Shaima Jamal’s life, and for this they set up an agreement plan to rent a remote farm in order to kill her and hide her body in a grave they dig in.

The prosecution indicated that the defendants purchased tools for digging the grave, and prepared a pistol and a piece of cloth to tighten the killing of the victim and paralyze her resistance, and iron chains and restraints to transport the body to the grave after killing it, and an incendiary substance to distort its features before burial.

The investigations showed that on the day they set to implement their plan, the first accused lured her to the farm claiming to inspect it to buy it, while the second accused was waiting for her as their plan. And with the piece of cloth until he held her breath, while the second held her to paralyze her resistance, intending to take her soul until we were certain of her death, inflicting on her the injuries described in the anatomical report, which claimed her life.

The Public Prosecution established evidence of the accused based on the testimony of 10 witnesses, including the owner of the store from which the two accused bought the drilling tools and incendiary material, as well as the statements of the two accused in detail in the investigations, which began with guiding the second accused about the location of the body on the farm and his statement details of the crime, then the confession of the first accused after his arrest. By committing the murder.

The investigations added that it was proven in the anatomical report issued by the Forensic Medicine Authority that the victim died due to muting herself and putting pressure on her neck, and the obstruction of the airways caused by this pressure, indicating that the incident is permissible according to the imaging that the Public Prosecution concluded in its investigations. The evidence before the two defendants also included the presence of the defendants’ genetic fingerprints on the piece of cloth that was found on the body of the victim and used in the incident, as well as the existence of the phone chips used by the defendants.

Those accused of killing Shaima Jamal (6)

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