Experts: 4 simple ways to help you detect any Android application that hides malicious software

There are millions of applications in the online store for Android devices, and it can be difficult to distinguish safe ones from harmful ones. It hides all kinds of viruses and malware, which hackers use to do things like break into your devices and steal passwords or online banking credentials.

According to RT, hackers are always trying new tricks, and therefore, it will be necessary to know what to look for when downloading an application from the “Google Store” to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of hackers. NordVPN, some helpful tips to follow.

– Check Reviews

You’ll see reviews about apps at the bottom of the page in the Google Play Store, which can be very helpful. “It sounds counterintuitive but users monitor the apps they use all the time and aren’t shy about warning others when they find problems,” Warmenhofen explains.

How many downloads did the app get?

Reporting huge download numbers when an app is new can also be a red flag, and the expert reveals: “There have been cases where download numbers have been manipulated by scammers, so you should definitely question the security of the app if it shows millions of downloads but… It was only released a few days ago.

– Look at the permissions

Developers should detail in the Google Play Store description what kind of permissions they need to access on a user’s phone to work, and if there are any strange permissions they need, this could be a warning sign. “Be careful if an app asks for permissions it doesn’t need. For extra protection, use a VPN so that all internet traffic on your phone and computer is encrypted and secured,” Wermenhofen said.

Do your research

The description of the Google Play Store app will indicate who created the app, and you can tap on the name and it will show you any other apps they’ve created. Take a look at these apps to see if there are any complaints in the comments about them.

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