Experts recommend including artificial intelligence in educational curricula

A panel discussion on the applications of artificial intelligence recommended the need to pay attention to spreading the culture of artificial intelligence in Egyptian society, with the inclusion of artificial intelligence in school curricula at all educational levels to build generations of young people in line with the great developments the world is witnessing.

During the panel discussion held within the activities of the eighth edition of the Techni Summit for Technology and Entrepreneurship, which was launched yesterday at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, the speakers stressed that the field of artificial intelligence is full of opportunities that entrepreneurs, talents and innovators can invest in in all fields, especially serving the economic sectors such as agriculture, industry, energy, water and care. Health, education, financial sector and others.

Yahya Mujahid said; The expert in the field of artificial intelligence applications in the field of dentistry, the health sector has benefited a lot from the applications of artificial intelligence in the field of diagnosis and help doctors make the right decision and insist on appropriate treatment; He pointed out that the success of applying modern techniques for diagnosing dental diseases and problems and designing fixtures.

Marco Rizk, an expert in the field of software, said that artificial intelligence will create many jobs for young talents, especially in programming and support for artificial intelligence systems and their applications in various fields.

Karim Ali, an expert in applying artificial intelligence techniques in the agricultural sector to support farmers, said that the use of artificial intelligence techniques is still in its infancy, but it is capable of leaving a very positive impact on the Egyptian market and improving and developing all sectors.

Mohamed Al-Dalal, Executive Director of Techni, said that artificial intelligence will add the equivalent of 16 trillion dollars to the world economy in the coming years, and artificial intelligence will lead economic growth by performing the tasks and jobs that humans currently perform, but faster, cheaper and more accurately, adding that Techni’s goal is to enhance the growth of startups in this vital sector.

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