Exporting quantities of petroleum products.. All you need to know about Al-Nasr Petroleum Refinery x 6 information

The comprehensive development of refineries was positively reflected on raising the economic performance of the refineries and reducing the cost of refining a barrel of crude as a result of the high operating efficiency of the units, the reduction of losses and the optimal exploitation of resources. The most important performance indicators for Nasr Petroleum Company during the fiscal year 2021-2022 were as follows:

1- It contributes to providing part of the local market needs of petroleum products through 14 production units in the refinery.

2- It exported quantities of petroleum products with an increase of 22% over the previous year to save foreign exchange.

3- The company has achieved a qualitative leap in digital transformation projects by implementing the Information Security Operations Center as a modern leap in securing information and networks and establishing a unified emergency room for companies in the geographical area in Suez.

4- The implementation of the ERP system in the company has also been successfully completed.

5- The company also contributed an amount of 40 million pounds to the project of developing, expanding and raising the efficiency of the main Salah Naseem road in Suez, in compliance with its social responsibility towards the people of Suez Governorate.

6- Its investment plan during the year included pumping 2.2 billion pounds into new investments in a number of projects, which include:

A- Establishing a condensate distillation project with a capacity of 1.2 million tons annually.

B – In addition to industrial security and environmental protection projects through the development of firefighting and early warning systems.

C – Establishing an industrial wastewater treatment project to achieve environmental sustainability.

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