Farid Shawqi’s family attacks Muhammad Ramadan.. “Your films corrupt morals.”

Once again, the Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan To criticism and a harsh attack from the family of the late artist Farid Shawky, after statements in which he compared his career with that of Shawky, in addition to his criticism of the movie “Hamido”.

Nahid Farid Shawqi attacked Muhammad Ramadan, and wrote on “Instagram”: “The most audacious of Muhammad Ramadan. He compares Hamido’s movie, which is still in the minds of the masses despite the passage of 70 years, and Abdo Mota, which ends in the minds of the audience as soon as it is shown.” .

“Your films have corrupted morals”

And she continued, “My advice to you, Ramadan, is not to expose and compare the films of my father, the great artist, which served society and changed laws, and your films that led to the corruption of morals.”

The crisis began when Muhammad Ramadan said in televised statements that “Hamido’s movie is more dangerous than the movie Abdo Mota, because Farid Shawqi was dealing in narcotic substances and committing indecency with one of the artists during the events of the film and after she got pregnant from him, he decided to kill her … Therefore, it is more difficult than Abdo Mota.”

The beginning of the crisis

He also added, during his interview with the media, Najwa Ibrahim, that he did not invent dancing with weapons, as some accuse him, noting that he was born in 1988 and young people dance with white weapons before his birth, and he compared his artistic beginnings with the beginnings of great artists such as the late artist Farid.

It is noteworthy that Ramadan was subjected to a wave of criticism in 2017 after speaking on a program about Ismail Yassin’s films, before the crisis renewed last year when the series “Musa” was shown, as Yassin’s family considered that his appearance in one of the scenes was inappropriate.

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