Farouk Hosni is recovering from an ailment and returns home after undergoing medical examinations

The great artist is back Farouk Hosni The former Minister of Culture went to his home yesterday after conducting several medical examinations to check on his health, and the great artist had been ill a few days ago, which necessitated a number of analyzes and x-rays that he carried out in a private hospital, and learned “The Seventh Day” from sources close to The great artist has now fully recovered, and that he spends his time at home between reading and following up on the work of the Farouk Hosni Foundation for Culture and Arts, and that he will return to practicing his artistic and community activities through his institution within days after completing the convalescence period.

The photo is of Farouk Hosni looking at today's issue of Youm7
The photo is of Farouk Hosni looking at today’s issue of Youm7

It is worth noting that the great artist celebrated his birthday two days ago among many of his relatives, friends and acquaintances, as his birthday coincides with Christmas on January 7 of each year, and the seventh day wishes the great artist continued health and giving.

The artist, Farouk Hosni, the former Egyptian Minister of Culture, is considered one of the most important contemporary plastic artists in Egypt and the Arab world, as his works were shown in international museums, such as the Metropolitan Museum in New York, the Carrousel Museum in the Louvre in Paris, the Tokyo Museum of Art in Japan, and the Houston Museum of Art in the United States. The American Museum, the Fort Lauderdale Museum, the United States of America, the Vienna National Museum in Austria, the Vittoriano Museum in Rome, and art museums in the Arab world, such as the Sursock Museum in Lebanon, the Sharjah Museum in the Emirates, and the National Museum of Bahrain, in addition to private galleries and halls around the world.

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