Farouk’s supplication after pleading for help to her husband: His condition is stable and visits are prohibited

Media explained Farouk’s prayer for ” .”For the seventh day,” that her husband is still under follow-up in the hospital and his condition is stable, but the doctors prevented him from visiting, and she asked all her fans and friends to pray for him.

Doaa Farouk also thanked all the concerned authorities who contacted herAnd everyone who tried to donate blood because her husband’s condition does not require a blood transfusion at the moment.

And Doaa pleaded for help to her husband, as she wrote a post on her official page on “Facebook”: “Ok, I had to call for the first time, Josie is bleeding heavily, and I am in an emergency in a hospital in October.”

Recall that the media Farouk’s prayer She said that she does not feel that she is a celebrity, and she responds to the audience on the social media naturally, explaining that the followers reject any act she does, among the actions they do, including her greetings to the singer Mahmoud Al-Leithi on one occasion.

She stated, during a telephone interview, to the “Al-Hekaya” program, on the satellite channel:MBC Egypt”, with the media, Amr Adib, that she was attacked because of her filming with her children, adding: “It is their right to imagine with their mother and we record memories as normal, and my daughter is not more than 15 years old.

And she continued, “My daughter is nice, respectful and educated, and what she wears is an invitation to him, I am able to respond, but I will not be able to respond to the boys, and it is forbidden for anyone to utter a word, and the cut trousers are not the one who cut them in the shops.

And the media, Doaa Farouk, continued, “Sharialy, you are interfering with what does not concern you, and you are not a booklet that holds me accountable, and this speech is completely rejected, and my children are harassed,” adding: “It does not mean that I am a public figure, I remain a rumor. paragraphs, but in personal life, no one has a call for it, and no one holds me accountable.”

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