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February 8 is the last date to apply for local development jobs.. Know the conditions

Ministry started local development He received requests to fill 22 vacant leadership positions in the Ministry’s general office in some of its sectors at the job level “Excellent – ​​High – Director General”, until next February 8, in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Service Law promulgated by Law No. (81) of 2016 and its executive regulations and the decision of the Central Agency for Organization and Administration No. (35) of 2019 regarding job description and evaluation criteria, according to Announcement No. (1) of 2023.

“The Seventh Day” explains in the following lines the details and conditions for applying for a job leadership positions At the Ministry of Local Development:

1. Applications are received electronically from January 10 to February 8, 2023.

2. The advertisement included one job as head of the performance evaluation, follow-up and inspection sector.

3. At the high job level, there are 3 positions: the head of the central administration for performance evaluation, the head of the central administration for follow-up and inspection, and the head of the central administration for minister’s office affairs.

4. The announcement included 18 general manager positions.

5. The Ministry of Local Development confirmed that the leadership positions to work in the Ministry’s general office will be in accordance with the conditions required to fill each position, job titles and job description cards on the government jobs portal.

6. The required documents are uploaded to the government jobs portal in a pdf file and sent electronically.

7. Any document delivered by hand or after the expiry of the specified date will not be considered

8. The Ministry of Local Development will receive inquiries related to the competition from those wishing to apply at the number 01101732226.

Major General Hisham Amna, Minister of Local Development, confirmed earlier that this announcement comes after the adoption of the new organizational structure of the ministry, which has been updated to complement the efforts made by the state towards developing the government administrative apparatus to gain more flexibility and speed in implementing functional competencies, tasks and assignments, and out of concern From the ministry to empower qualified and distinguished human cadres and upgrade the work system in line with the government’s efforts to raise the efficiency of the state’s administrative apparatus.

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