Federation of Industries: The state seeks to strengthen the economy through the national industry

Mohamed Al-Suwaidi, head of the Federation of Industries, confirmed that the state seeks to strengthen the economy with the national industry, and there are some challenges for the sector, but President Sisi’s recent visit to the International Exhibition and Forum for Industry confirms the determination to develop the industrial sector and solve all obstacles.

During the closing session of the International Industry Fair, he revealed the launch of an annual version of the exhibition, in light of the great support of the state for the industrial sector, calling for the activation of the Law of Preferring Local Product in Government Contracts No. 5 of 2015 as well as the Law of Independence of the Federation of Industries.

He pointed out that Industry Minister Ahmed Samir promised to remove all obstacles facing investors, including industrial development procedures and some other parties, as well as work with all other parties to deal immediately with challenges.

The International Industry Forum focuses on supporting international, participatory initiatives between industrial and commercial entities at the regional levels: “Arab, African, Euro-Mediterranean, and international”, to achieve sustainable economic development, based on three main dimensions: (the investment and economic dimension, the social dimension and human-building, and the republic dimension new).

The exhibition aims to present prospects for the advancement and settlement of industry in light of economic challenges, to promote sustainable industry and support innovation through a stimulating environment for the development of industries and the development of mutual partnerships, and to display the strength of the Egyptian industry, which is one of the most important sectors of the economy, and to present the Egyptian development projects implemented by the state, including: (Presidential Initiative A “dignified life” for the development of the Egyptian countryside, land reclamation (the Toshka project and the new delta, desalination plants, new cities), and other major development projects, as well as attracting new industrial investments that serve the state’s efforts in the development process.

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