Ferreira asks to support Zamalek in January and requires a “striker”

Portuguese request Josevaldo Ferreira The technical director of Zamalek, from the administration, works to fill the team’s needs for deals in the current winter transfers, especially in the centers that need support after the injuries to the team, led by Mahmoud Al-Wensh, as well as the center of the outspoken striker, who suffers from a shortage and the absence of the experience factor.

Mahmoud Shabana returns to the ranks of Zamalek after the football management settled on cutting his loan in order to strengthen the defense line after Mahmoud Al-Wensh was injured, and Josevaldo Ferreira welcomed the player’s return to the White Castle, especially since this center needs quick support, and Zamalek officials also intensify the search for a striker, whether local or foreign, However, the football management wants to search for a distinguished striker to sign him, and refuses to rush to sign any player before confirming his competence.

On a different level, Abdullah Jumaa, the left back of the team, presented ZamalekHe apologized to the fans of his team after his absence from the last match in front of the Ministry of Interior, and Abdullah Jumaa said, during his appearance on the Zamalek Club channel: “I apologize to the fans of Zamalek Club for not participating in the match, and I made an analysis based on a decision by club officials.” Mortada Mansour held a session with Abdel God Friday evening at the club’s headquarters today in order for the latter to present his apology to the club’s fans, after being absent from the Al-Dakhiliya match, which ended in a positive draw between the two teams 1-1.

The club president also decided to appoint Ismail Youssef, the former star of Zamalek, as part of the team’s technical staff, instead of Osama Nabih, who left the technical staff, to be the general coach of the team, and Zamalek officials thanked Osama Nabih for the period he spent serving Zamalek during the last period.

And Nabih confirmed in exclusive statements to “The Seventh Day”: “I apologized for being in the technical staff of Zamalek, and I wish them success in the next stage, and praise be to God.” Nabih explained that his role ended with the technical staff of Zamalek, denying that there were differences between him and Ferreira, the coach of the team.

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