FilGoal | News | 57 minutes so far.. Collina explains the huge numbers of time counted instead of lost

Pierluigi Collina, the famous Italian referee and chairman of the FIFA Referees Committee, spoke about the issue of the length of time counted instead of lost in the World Cup matches.

“What we actually did in Russia (2018) was to calculate lost time more accurately,” Collina told ESPN.

He added, “We told everyone not to be surprised if they saw the fourth referee raise his board with a large number, such as 6, 7 or 8 minutes.”

He explained, “If you want a more active game time, you should prepare to see numbers like this in wasted time. Every match saw 3 goals, the celebration usually takes a minute or a minute and a half, and by scoring 3 goals you lose 5 or 6 minutes.”

Collina continued, “What we want is to accurately calculate the wasted time at the end of each half, and the fourth referee can calculate it. We did that in Russia and we expect the same success in Qatar.”

And he continued, “I am not talking about video technology interventions, as the video assistant referees are the ones who calculate it in a very accurate way.”

He concluded, “Even when I was a referee, the information about that time came from the fourth referee. As an arena referee, you should focus more on what happens in the match. The fourth referee gives you the approximate time and you decide.”

World Cup – Colina.. Arbitration is by trusting you, not because you are the referee

Talk about this started after the England-Iran match, which saw 24 minutes counted, 14 in the first half and 10 in the second.

Total stoppage time has reached 57 minutes in the tournament so far in 4 matches, with 13 minutes in the United States and Wales match (4 and 9, respectively), 10 minutes in the Netherlands and Senegal match (2 and 8, respectively), and 10 minutes in the Qatar match. and Ecuador (5 and 5, respectively).

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