FilGoal | News | A source close to Pablo Franco reveals to Al Joule the details of the Ismaili negotiations… and one fear

Ismaily offered the task of training the first team to the Spanish Pablo Franco, the former coach of Simba of Tanzania.

A source close to the coach told “Ismaili offered Franco to coach the team.”

He added, “Pablo Franco is reluctant to accept the offer due to the financial crisis with the Ismaili club, and he fears that his financial dues will be delayed if the task is accepted.”

He continued, “Franco wants to work in Egypt and sees that the opportunity is appropriate, away from financial matters, because he will be with a mass club and a suitable city for his family.”

“The coach’s only fear is the financial crisis,” he concluded.

And learned earlier today that Al-Ismaili offered Jarrido, the Al-Ahly coach, to train the team.

Ismaili coach

Al-Ismaili continues to search for a foreign technical director to lead him in the coming period.

Yahya Al-Koumi denied the allegations Earlier, the club had entered into negotiations with Hossam Hassan.

as explained Portugal’s Joao Mota The former technical director of Al Hilal Al Sudani for FilGoal.comthat the Ismaili administration has already contacted him.

Al-Ismaili had announced his contract with Portugal’s Helder Cristóvão Several days ago, he quickly deleted the official announcement video from his platforms.

Al-Ismaili also negotiated with Tunisian Mouin ChaabaniHowever, the difference over the financial details hindered the completion of the contract, according to what was revealed

Pablo Franco

Franco is a 42-year-old Spanish coach, and his last experience with Tanzanian Simba was from November 2021 until May 2021.

Franco worked as an assistant coach for the clubs Correa and then Fuenlabrada, after which he began to occupy the role of the first man.

He coached Santi Ugina, Iescas, Puertolano, Getafe’s reserve and his first team after that.

Franco coached Georgia’s Saburtalo team and then was the assistant coach at Beijing Aerospace, China.

The biggest step in his career came as he held the position of assistant coach for Real Madrid with Julian Lopetegui for four months, from July to November 2018.

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