FilGoal | News | A source from the Football Association explains to the Joule why the explanatory letter was issued for the registration of foreigners

Today, Wednesday, the Football Association issued a letter explaining more details about the registration of foreign players under the age, so what is the reason?

A source from the Football Association – who asked not to be named – replied to, saying: “More than one club inquired about the registration list related to the inclusion of foreign players under the age.”

“So we had to send a letter to the clubs to explain the issue further, so that things would be more accurate,” he added.

The Football Association had made it clear in its speech that it is not permissible to register foreign players under the age of 1999-2000 to those who were born in 2001.

In a clearer sense, this means that to register a foreign player under the age, the year of his birth must be 2001 to the following and not earlier than that year.

The position of Samson Aquinola and Frank Itoga

Zamalek is close to joining Samson Aquinola The player was born on the 5th of March 2000.

While Al-Masry was officially included Frank Itoga He was born on September 18, 2001.

Accordingly, the first, if he officially moves to Zamalek, will be registered over the age.

As for the second, the Egyptian will be able to include him under the age.

The Football Association had made it clear earlier during its publication Registration Regulations That any club in the 2022-2023 season can include five foreign players over the age.

This is in addition to three others under the age of, with a maximum of one player in each stage.

The Egyptian Federation adopts 7 different age stages in the youth sectors:

  1. born 2001
  2. born 2003
  3. born 2004
  4. born 2005
  5. born 2006
  6. born 2007
  7. born 2008

As for the younger groups, they are categorized under the name of al-Bara’im, and therefore they are not included in the foreigners’ item.

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