FilGoal | News | After 3 months of absence due to illness, Haller returns to training at his former club

Ajax coach Alfred Schroeder has announced the return of former club striker Sebastian Haller to training again.

Haller of Borussia Dortmund was diagnosed with cancer last July, shortly after joining the team.

Since July, the player has been undergoing chemotherapy and has been absent from training and has not participated in any matches with Dortmund since joining the team.

Ajax coach Schroeder said during the press conference for the Liverpool match: “Haller spoke to us and asked us to train at the club because he is undergoing rehabilitation soon here in the Netherlands.”

“It’s great that he’s been here for a while and that he will be able to train on a different pitch to help him recover.”

The Ivorian striker spoke to the UEFA website recently, saying: “I am lucky enough to feel good. I am physically able to do training, and I feel good mentally and physically, which is of course useful for fighting this disease.”

“I set myself a schedule. If I’m lucky enough and don’t have an operation, things can go quickly,” he added.

And he continued, “Three weeks after the final stage of treatment, tests are done to find out what stage the disease has reached, and whether you need surgery or not.”

“If I did not need surgery, I think I would be in a good position, especially with the way I train,” the Ivorian added.

The 28-year-old complained that he was not feeling well after a training session last July.

The club explained in its official statement that during intensive medical examinations, a tumor was discovered in the testicles.

And Dortmund announced during the summer transfer period the official signing of Ivorian Sebastian Haller, the Ajax striker, until the summer of 2026.

The Cote d’Ivoire striker joined Dortmund for 35 million euros, according to reports.

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