FilGoal | News | After his decision to retire.. A farewell message from Hazem Imam to the fans of Zamalek via the Joule

Hazem Emam, the former Zamalek player, sent a farewell message to the team’s fans, after announcing his retirement from football.

and taught Hazem Imam, the former Zamalek back, has decided to retire from football, and will take a position in the youth sector of the White Club.

Imam said in statements to “I thank the fans of Zamalek for the support since my promotion to the first team in 2007 until 2022, and I thank Mortasa Mansour, the club’s president, for always standing by my side, and as soon as I thought about retiring, he made the decision to appoint me on the same day inside the club.”

And he continued, “I used to serve the club as a player, and I will serve it now in another place, and Zamalek will remain the owner of the credit for me and who made me and did everything good in my life, and I want to return this good anywhere within the club.”

And he added, “I certainly feel sad after retiring, but everything is a share, and no one will continue to play football throughout his life. Zamalek.

Imam will be the deputy technical director of the sector, so that Imam’s career will continue inside Zamalek Club.

Hazem Imam announced his departure from Zamalek on the fifth of last September.

Imam said on Instagram: “The end of the journey. I do not know where to start, but I thank the fans of Zamalek Club very much, whether they supported me or criticized me, you are in my heart no matter what.”

He added, “I thank the fans of the Zamalek board of directors for their great confidence over the course of 14 years, during which I won 12 championships, and I wanted more.”

Several speculations spread about Emam’s next destination since that time, but he did not sign for any team and decided to wait until January.

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