FilGoal | News | After Mbappe refused to appear .. the French Federation announces the review of the photo rights agreements for its players

The French Football Federation has announced its intention to review players’ image rights agreements after boycott campaigns led by the team’s player Kylian Mbappe for his refusal to appear in promotional images.

Kylian Mbappe refused to appear in the official French team photo session last Thursday, according to press reports.

The statement of the French Federation was as follows:

“After fruitful talks in the presence of the federation’s executives, the director of marketing, the president of the federation and the coach, the French Football Federation undertakes as soon as possible to review the agreement relating to the image rights of its players.”

“The federation is pleased to work on drawing up broad lines for a new agreement that guarantees its interests, taking into account the legitimate concerns and convictions expressed unanimously by the players,” he added.

This came in light of his continuing dispute with the French Football Federation over image rights and sponsors, with whom the federation works on an ongoing basis.

Mbappe led a boycott campaign within the French team against specific sponsors last March, because he refused to be associated with certain companies.

According to Get French Football News, he still feels uncomfortable promoting some bookmakers and fast food restaurants.

The French Football Federation signed a contract worth 8 million euros with a bookmaker last year, and this contract extends to the 2026 World Cup.

The federation already has sponsorship relations with one of the most famous fast food restaurants and a soft water company, among the models of what Mbappe disagrees with.

Mbappe spends the money he receives from sponsoring the French national team on charitable causes, but withdrew from the photo session due to an ethical dimension in promoting specific sponsors.

Mbappe already has a problem with a betting company, which published earlier this year a picture of a fan showing his butt to the fans in the stands, commenting on it: “Kylian Mbappe’s father celebrates his goal against South Africa.”

Mbappe’s response was very angry, saying: “The dangers of online betting. There are no limits anymore, a little respect.”

On the other hand, Mbappe still wants to negotiate with the French Federation regarding image rights, with the rest of the players.

The original agreement, made in 2010 after the World Cup, was to distribute the value of image rights equally to players, but Mbappe wants to direct more money to support initiatives that take care of the football community.

The French Federation rejected this proposal in the past, and therefore Mbappe refused to appear in the photo session.

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