FilGoal | News | Ahmed Diab talks about the challenge of returning the fans and raising the marketing value of the league

Ahmed Diab, president of the Egyptian Clubs Association, spoke about the challenge of returning fans to full capacity and raising the marketing value of the Egyptian League.

Diab believes that the Egyptian league has all the ingredients to become the first in the Arab world and Africa.

Ahmed Diab said on the Abu Dhabi Sports Channel: “Assuming the presidency of the Club Association is a difficult responsibility, it is a great honor, but a greater responsibility. We were a little late in establishing the Association in Egypt.”

He continued, “We were almost 15 years late in establishing the Club Association, but it is better to come late than never.”

Diab revealed, “Our evaluation of the last season was 50% success, although we gave 150%, but that evaluation is due to the quality of the league, to do like club links established 10 or 15 years ago is difficult, but it was a challenge for us.”

He explained, “We have almost four close seasons, in addition to 200 days of hiatus, whether it was for the national team or clubs last season.”

The head of the Egyptian Clubs Association added, “We had a great challenge to return the fans after an absence of 12 years, and we started with two thousand per season and reached 5 thousand, and our goal is to return with a full capacity.”

Diab stressed, “Our goal in the new season is to complete what we started, and our plan is to end the season on June 30 by playing a number of matches at the time of the World Cup, which will make us avoid many of what appeared as a result of the cohesion of seasons.”

He continued, “It is possible that the new version of the Egypt Cup ends after June 30, and there will be coordination between us and the Egyptian Federation regarding this.”

Ahmed Diab stressed, “The Egyptian League has all the ingredients to be the first in the Arab world and Africa, and to have the highest marketing value, and from next season there will be a big shift.”

He continued, “Football is an industry and Egypt has all the elements to make this happen. We have a goal that football in Egypt will go with the development in the country.”

Speaking about the establishment of the Super in the Emirates, he said: “I would be very happy to hold the Egyptian Super in the Emirates, because the relationship between the two countries is wonderful, and we do not feel that we are two countries, but one.”

On the cooperation between the two associations, he explained, “The Club Association in the Emirates started 15 years ago, and there is a cooperation agreement between us, and during the coming period there will be an announcement of joint projects between us.”

He revealed, “The Egyptian Club Association was approved after the first season, and we will attend the first general assembly meeting this season in the Emirates, although the decision stipulated that no association should be approved before four seasons passed.”

Speaking about the fans, he explained, “Our goal since the first day is to return the fans to the stands. There may be a bit of a rush from the people, but our goal is to return the fans to full capacity gradually.”

Diab continued his statements, “Converting clubs into investment companies does not mean selling the club, but it is an important matter for the development of the club and increasing competition.”

When asked about the problem of rulers in Egypt, he said: “Arbitration is a human element like the rest of the system, and therefore error is possible, but is the error repeated? Our goal is not to destroy the system but to develop.”

He continued, “The change of the referees committee and the presence of Mark Clattenburg pumped new blood and freed the referees from pressure, and we saw the lack of stops, which was evident in the last rounds of the league last season.”

He stressed, “We will remain supportive of the Football Association and the Referees Committee, and we have confidence that it will be different this season.”

Ahmed Diab concluded his statements, “There are no differences between the Football Association or any element, but what we call skirmishes for the interest of football in Egypt, we have taken a decision in the League not to talk about any obstacles, and our goal is to develop football in Egypt.”

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