FilGoal | News | Akram Tawfik: We will fight to regain titles with Al-Ahly… and Kohler “Mary” in his work

Akram Tawfiq, the Al-Ahly player, spoke in a lengthy interview with the club’s official page after returning from injury.

Akram Tawfiq is fit to participate in the matches after recovering from a cruciate ligament injury he suffered last January at the African Nations Championship.

And all of the following, according to Akram Tawfiq, Al-Ahly player:

Go back and share with Swaresh

“Thank God for my return again and training again, I hope to return to the team again and be an addition, God willing.”

“Of course there is some fear, the fans expect a lot from me so I have to be as confident, I hope to God to come back better.”

“It is true that Ricardo Suarez contacted me to participate in the last three league matches, but I felt that it was not the right time and I preferred that it be in friendly matches better than official.”

Injury and social media

“There was support from a large number of those close to me, perhaps most notably Amr Al-Sulayya and Hamdi Fathi. Of course, I was saddened by the injury, but I was confident of returning again.”

“The club has gone through difficult circumstances, but it is normal for it to return to its position as the club’s character. There are times when you see the club’s circumstances aiming to (die yourself) for the fans of the team.”

“I don’t focus much on social media, but what I really focus on is the fans’ aspirations for my return and I must come back better than the first.”


“All players are the same, but when half of the team that participates mainly is absent, it is reversed when some players enter gradually and certainly this affected in some way the shape of Al-Ahly last season.”

“Köhler treats us well psychologically and is a cheerful coach and meets us with a smile, but at work (Mary) and I hope that we will be as much as people trust next season.”

“Al-Ahly’s form will definitely change, the players wished to have a rest, and now with the additions, I hope that luck will be on our side.”

“The competition is honest and in the interest of Al-Ahly, whether Akram Shark, Hani or Karim Fouad, the important thing is the team’s interest.”

Mufasa’s nickname

“The nickname Mufasa was given to me by Mosimane, and I was already watching that movie and I was very happy with that nickname.”

“We reached the African final three times in a row and won the title twice, and in the third we had bad luck. We will fight to win the title again.”


“I hope to return to my level first and give Al-Ahly the many championships and achievements it deserves.”

“Of course I want to be professional, but that will only happen through Al-Ahly Club and with its approval and the approval of the fans.”

“Before the injury, I received professional offers from Europe in Italy and England, along with offers from Gulf clubs, but as I made clear, my departure will only be with the approval of the club and the fans.”

“I do not want to pre-empt events, but my focus is with Al-Ahly and returning to my level again, and my ambitions are limitless.”

League restore

“Any team in the world has a level of change in which, God willing, that will not happen again with Al-Ahly.”

“Köhler asked us to reduce the use of cell phones at mealtime in order to sit together more.”

“I thank the fans for their support and standing by me, watching their prayers for me, and God willing, I will meet their expectations and come back stronger in order to make them happy.”

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