FilGoal | News | Al-Ahly calls on the “Long Live Egypt” fund to reveal the facts

Al-Ahly sent a letter to the “Long Live Egypt” fund, in which it demanded that the facts be revealed to the public opinion in order to respond to the spreading rumors.

Al-Ahly indicated on its official website today, Thursday, that according to the cooperation protocol previously signed between it and the “Long Live Egypt” fund, all donations were limited to the report of the Illicit Gain Experts Committee and confirmed the integrity of the club’s legal position and its board of directors.

Al-Ahly’s statement was as follows:

Al-Ahly officially addresses the “Long Live Egypt” fund, and demands it to reveal the facts and respond to false rumors

Al-Ahly club sent a letter to the “Long Live Egypt” fund asking to reveal the truth to public opinion, respond to false rumors and slanders that are circulating in the media and on social media, and confirm that the “Long Live Egypt” fund, which plays a major development role in the country, receives all donations Financial and in-kind (hours) according to the cooperation protocol signed between Al-Ahly Club and the “Tahya Misr” Fund on Wednesday 10/3-2021.

The letter stated that the donations that were delivered according to an official record and signed by the two parties (Al-Ahly Club – Long Live Egypt Fund) and each party received a copy of it, were counted by the regulatory authorities in the state, and detailed in the report of the Illicit Gain Experts Committee that was assigned by the Funds Prosecution And it ended with the integrity of the legal position of Al-Ahly Club and its board of directors, and the exclusion of the suspicion of crimes of aggression against public money, and the lawsuit in this regard, which is restricted to No. 10 of 2020.

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