FilGoal | News | Al-Shaabani talks about the details of his crisis with Al-Masry… and the most prominent Tunisian player in Egypt

Moeen Al-Shaabani, the former coach of Al-Masry, recounted the causes of the crisis that occurred during his tenure as coach of the team, as well as his assessment of the experience.

Al-Shaabani said on Al-Hayat channel: “I am happy with my experience with Al-Masry because I got to know some wonderful people away from football and the fans who loved and loved me.”

He continued, “The start was good with Al-Masry, the team was improving in a training manner, the level of players was rising, and we played good matches in the league and the Confederation Cup.”

He continued, “All clubs have financial problems, but the biggest problem was the lack of communication, when there is no money and at the same time you get promises in the air. I respect the board of directors a lot and they are people who wanted to work and diligence, but we are talking about reality.”

He continued, “The pivotal point was the strike by the players, because I was trying to solve things with Abdel Halim Ali and Karim Zekry, but this time the players’ patience overflowed, and in the end, the management decided to terminate Ahmed Shedeed Qinawy’s contract and exclude Ahmed Masoud without consulting the technical staff, and this affected the team because the players felt guilty about them. Because the decision was collective and not because of severe and Masoud.”

“We were also subjected to some arbitrary injustice and there were matches we could win, but the ball stubbornly stubborn us and the general atmosphere also did not help us,” he added.

Al-Shaabani talked about appointing Hossam Hassan as his successor in training Al-Masry, saying: “We played a match and gave the players a rest for 4 days because there was a pause, then I was surprised through Facebook that the club had signed a new coach. Of course, this is their decision and they are free to do so, but it should have been.” It’s even better because we met before and they told me they stuck to me and even the plane ticket to Tunisia was a return trip.”

“I do not regret at all about the Egyptian experience,” he stressed.

He revealed, “Immediately after I left Al-Masry, I received many Egyptian offers, but I chose not to sign with a team in the last period of the season.”

He added, “It is possible that I will be in Egypt, of course, because I am a Tunisian Arab coach and I have great experience in Africa, so why not.”

And he concluded, “The most prominent Tunisian player in Egypt? Ali Maaloul made great levels with Al-Ahly and was one of the keys to playing, and he may be the one who opened the door for the Tunisian player in Egypt, as well as Ferjani Sassi and Fakhr El-Din Ben Youssef. Tunisians are currently in Egypt.

Al-Shaabani led Al-Masry in 33 matches, during which the team succeeded in winning 10 matches, drawing in 10 others, and was defeated in 13 matches.

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