FilGoal | News | Ancelotti talks about Asensio’s anger.. Vinicius’ behavior with the opponent

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti believes that the behavior of Asensio’s feeling of anger was normal because of his desire to participate.

Real Madrid beat Mallorca by four goals to one in the match that was held at the Santiago Bernabeu in the fifth round of the Spanish League.

Asensio appeared kicking water bottles after Real Madrid finished his substitutions completely without participating.

Ancelotti said during the press conference: “Valverde’s goal or Rodrygo’s goal? The best of the three goals were all scored with high quality, the best would be the second because it was a joint work between Rodrygo and Vinicius and gave us the advantage by advancing the result and making the match easier. Al-Harar made the match more difficult and also we received the goal from a set ball.” But we kept our heads cold and were able to get back into the game.”

He continued, “One is a leader when he is an example and Valverde is a very, very important player for us, he plays well and is humble, and this will help him to become the captain of the team in the future and here we have many leaders with actions, not actions, not just words.”

And he continued, “Vinicius is a special player and because of the way he plays, opponents sometimes get angry, you have to understand that he always tries to dribble regardless of whether his team is losing or winning, sometimes he tries to make his opponent more angry than normal, but this is normal in football and with experience he will learn bit by bit.”

He stressed, “Asensio’s anger? The truth is that I wanted to make two substitutions if we did not advance in the result by introducing Mariano and Asensio, but Vazquez was injured and we had one stop to make a substitution and I was not thinking of making that substitution, he is already angry and I agree with him because that means that he wants To play and to feel important I agree with his anger so nothing happened.”

He added, “Ceballos was more involved in the match because the attackers did not have spaces. Hazard tried to leave spaces for the rest as I asked him, and the match was positive on both sides.”

He continued, “We had some difficulties in the first half, but not because of Hazard, he was a little late, but in the future I have the same idea and nothing has changed and I may play Prodrygo or Hazard in attack because he moves intensely in the center of the striker.”

And he concluded, “Respect for the referees comes in the first place, even if the referee makes a mistake. It is normal for the competitors to cover a little more and use more violence against Vinicius and he has nothing to change in his morals because it seems to me that he respects the competitors and the referee very much.”

Real Madrid’s balance rose to the 15th point at the top of the standings, achieving the full mark, two points behind Barcelona, ​​which is second with 13 points.

Real Madrid became the only team in the five major leagues in Europe to win all their matches since the start of the season.

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