FilGoal | News | Aswan President: Our goal is to stay in the Premier League… and a request regarding airline tickets

El-Shafei Saleh, president of Aswan Club, stressed the goal of the newly promoted team to continue in the Premier League, expressing his request to the officials.

Aswan was promoted to the Premier League after occupying the top of the Upper Egypt group in the second division.

Al-Shafei Saleh said in statements to Ontime Sport channel: “We are a big club, and the national team included many of our players in previous times.”

“We have a clear goal for next season, which is to continue in the Premier League,” he added.

He continued, “We contracted with Haitham Orabi as technical director and concluded important deals, while Rabie Yassin (technical director) promoted 7 juniors, who will make a difference with us this season.”

And he added, “But we will have a big obstacle next season, which is to travel 17 times to play outside our stadium, so I appeal to those responsible for Egyptian football to find a solution.”

He explained, “In 2002, I was in a position in the club, at that time the Minister of Sports found a solution, which was to get a 50% discount on airline tickets and provide accommodation.”

He concluded, “We want to help for continuity by reducing the price of tickets in addition to accommodation for the team.”

Zahrat Al-Janoub has signed 13 deals so far in the transfer market, namely, Gabonese Malik Evona, goalkeeper Mohamed Al-Ghandour, Mahmoud Abdel Hakim, Moroccan Ahmed Belhaj, Ibrahim Ayesh, Mohamed Sheka, Mohamed Saber, Abdel Rahman Al-Ashry, Mido Al-Attar, Saber Al-Shimy and Mido Mustafa.

Aswan has set up 3 camps so far, the first in Cairo and Al-Ahly faced a friendly match, the second in Alexandria, and the third in Aswan.

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