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American professional Michael Vacuadi announced his contract with Al-Ahly basketball team to support the team’s ranks in the Arab Championship.

Al-Ahly had contracted Walter Hodge to be the team’s professional next season, while Fakwadi to support the team’s ranks in the Arab Club Championship only.

Kuwait will host the Arab Club Championship from 5 to 10 October.

Vakwadi said to “I completed the agreement with Al-Ahly to strengthen its ranks in the Arab Championship.”

“I am very excited to be back with the team and to participate in the Arab Championship,” he added.

Al-Ahly will participate in the Arab Club Championship as the title holder, and the Alexandrian Federation will also participate in the Egyptian League runner-up.

Vacuadi had won the Arab Club Championship last season with Al-Ahly team, which joined the team’s list at the time as a support for the Al-Ahmar ranks.

Vakwadi concluded his statements, “I am ready to participate in the Arab Championship and will be there soon. I spoke with Walter Hodge and they are excited to play together again.”

The duo previously played for Zamalek during the BAL African Club Championship, which is held under the auspices of the NBA.

The duo won the African Championship title together with Zamalek, and Hodge was then named the best player in the competition.

Fakwadi plays for the third time with an Egyptian team after winning the African Championship with Zamalek and the Arab Championship with Al-Ahly.

Al-Ahly is preparing to compete in the BAL African Championship this season.

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