FilGoal | News | Catalan TV: Alves’ position was complicated by the inconsistency of his testimony… and bad behavior before the judge

The situation of Dani Alves, the Brazilian national team player, has been complicated, in the case of his accusation of sexually assaulting a girl inside a nightclub.

Alves spent the last two nights in the remand due to the judge’s refusal to let him out on bail.

The Catalan station TVE 3 reported new details of the investigations that took place with the back, whose contract with the Mexican Pumas was terminated in connection with the case.

The station indicated that Alves’ testimony in the investigations was inconsistent and full of contradictions.

Alves admitted that he was indeed in that nightclub on the night of the alleged assault, but stressed that his presence there was for a short period of time, and denied sexually assaulting the victim.

However, this contradicts the evidence collected by the Catalan police related to his presence in the club, after reviewing the surveillance cameras and obtaining the testimony of a number of those present at the place.

The police also collected biological samples from the toilet where the assault was to take place, and that evidence confirmed that the couple had been there at some point that night.

What weakened Alves’ position were the three different accounts he told in her investigation:

In the first novel, Alves says he doesn’t know the girl at all.

But he came back and amended his story and said that he saw the girl that day, but nothing happened between them.

In the third novel, Alves admitted that there had been sexual intercourse between the two, but stressed that this happened at the initiative and desire of the girl.

The Catalan station also said that Alves appeared arrogant in front of the judge, as if he was safe from punishment.

The Pumas club, in turn, had terminated its contract with Alves due to his involvement in the case.

Pumas president Leopoldo Silva said Friday evening in a press conference:

“Based on the information regarding the legal action taken against Dani Alves and his account in Spain, we have decided to terminate the contract with the player as of today.”

Pumas indicated on its official website that the club will act in accordance with the contract concluded with the player on the basis of internal labor regulations.

Alves joined Pumas for free last summer, after the end of his contract with Barcelona.

Alves played 13 matches with Pumas, during which he did not score, but he made 5 goals.

What happened

The investigating judge of Court No. 15 of the city of Barcelona issued a decision to enter Alves pretrial detention, without bail, which closes the door to his exit, albeit temporarily.

This came against the background of the accusation of Alves in the case of sexual assault on a woman on December 30 last year.

The judge granted the Public Prosecutor’s request to place Alves in pre-trial detention without bail.

The Catalan police arrested Alves on Friday morning after a 23-year-old girl accused him of assaulting her in a bathroom in a Barcelona nightclub about 3 weeks ago.

The woman accused the former Barcelona player of inappropriately touching Donna against her will that night in the nightclub.

Alves previously represented Bahia, Seville, Barcelona, ​​Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain and Sao Paulo.

Alves has 126 international matches with the Brazil national team, during which he scored 8 goals and won the Copa America twice and the Confederations Cup twice.

Alves appeared in two matches in the 2022 World Cup, immediately before he was involved in the sexual assault case after his return to Barcelona.

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