FilGoal | News | Daily Mail: Before the official announcement… Ecuador was excluded from the World Cup

The English newspaper “Daily Mail” revealed that Ecuador is about to be excluded from the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, due to the crisis accused of forgery in the nationality of its player Peron Castro.

And the newspaper said in a special news for it, that there is new evidence that has been submitted to the Appeals Committee of the International Football Association, which is investigating this crisis.

The International Football Association obtained audio recordings of Castro’s interview with Ecuadorean federation officials several years ago.

The audio recording carries the player’s admission that he was born in Colombia, and despite that, the Ecuadorean Federation decided to participate in the player’s national team.

Among the accusations that will be leveled against the Ecuadorean Federation, which were revealed by FIFA investigations, are the extraction of forged passports and a clear cover-up of the player’s nationality, as well as his multiple identities.

And upon confirmation of the exclusion of Ecuador from the World Cup, the second party will be changed in the opening match of the tournament, to be England against Qatar.

Above is a copy of the document showing the player's Colombian baptismal certificate

The FIFA Disciplinary Committee had issued a decision rejecting the complaint of the Chilean Federation against Ecuador on the grounds of fraud in the nationality of their player, David Peron Castro, and accordingly, they requested to qualify for the 2022 World Cup instead.

However, the Chilean federation refused to surrender and last July filed an appeal in this case.

“We are absolutely certain of the results of our investigations,” Chilean Football Association general secretary Jorge Jung said in a statement.

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“It is absolutely clear that the player is using an illegal Ecuadorean document. It is not just about participating in the 2022 World Cup, but basically the principle of fair play.”

He continued: “Byron Castillo was born in Tumaco, Colombia in 1995, not in the Ecuadorean city of General Villamil Playas in 1998, as stated in his official documents.”

The FIFA Disciplinary Committee clarified in its previous statement that after analyzing all documents from all concerned parties, the case was closed.

The Disciplinary Committee indicated that the relevant parties have been notified of the decision and that it can be appealed to the Appeal Committee, and this is what the Chilean Football Association has resorted to. (Know the whole story here)

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