FilGoal | News | Daily Mail: The eighth round of the English Premier League is threatened due to the lack of TV broadcasting units

The eighth round of the English Premier League is now in danger of being postponed, as is the seventh due to coverage of the death of Queen Elizabeth.

Sky is running short of broadcasting units due to the need to cover the Queen’s death.

And the Daily Mail revealed, according to its sources, that the return of the English Premier League may be postponed again due to the lack of television trucks to cover the death of the Queen throughout the week.

The report indicated that this puts pressure on the resources of the Sky Sports channel, which threatens the holding of matches.

Sportsmail has learned that Premier League rights holders Sky Sports are running out of external broadcast trucks at the moment to provide live coverage for Sky News.

Sky Sports was scheduled to broadcast eight matches live next week, in addition to matches in the Scottish League and the English Women’s League.

The report revealed that the lack of TV trucks appeared as an additional complicating factor during talks to resume football competitions after the postponement of the seventh round.

The biggest hurdle in holding matches remains the strain on police resources, as up to 10,000 police officers will be deployed to London in what has been described as an unprecedented security operation ahead of the funeral.

Therefore, there are great doubts about the Leeds match against Manchester United at Old Trafford, in addition to the risks of the upcoming confrontation between Chelsea and Liverpool.

The Rangers match against Napoli was postponed for 24 hours until Wednesday, with fans banned from attending.

Doubts remain over Arsenal’s Europa League match against PSV Eindhoven on Thursday night.

The European Football Association (UEFA) had decided to prevent Rangers fans from attending the return match against Napoli in Italy next month for the sake of sporting integrity and equal opportunities.

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