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Sami Komsouz, the general coach of Al-Ahly team, stressed the team’s readiness for the super match against Zamalek.

Al-Ahly is preparing to meet Zamalek in the Egyptian Super Cup next Friday at Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium in Al-Ain.

“Al-Ahly has been in a state of intense focus, since arriving in the Emirates, and the technical staff studied the opponent well, and stood on their strengths and weaknesses, in preparation for the upcoming match,” Kommas said on the club’s official website.

He pointed out, “Al-Ahly includes a distinguished group of experienced players, especially the group that played big matches in addition to the distinguished elements that joined the team, and betting on Al-Ahly’s personality and the spirit of the red shirt is always correct.”

He continued, “We know very well the importance of the match, which is held for an important title, which we seek to crown to make Al-Ahly fans happy and compensate them for last season, and we only hope that success will be our ally during the match.”

He concluded by saying, “Al-Ahly fans are the greatest ever, and it is not strange that they crawl behind the team everywhere, and their eagerness to receive the mission at the airport, and their presence in the stands of Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium during the Egyptian Super match will give the team players great motives to make the utmost effort on the field in order to Winning and winning the title.

Al-Ahly’s first training session in the UAE will start at 4:00 pm Cairo time today, Wednesday, and will be held at Al-Ain Stadium, which is about 15 minutes from the residence hotel.

The technical staff decided to close the team’s training, which is taking place today at Al Ain Stadium.

And the technical staff preferred to hold the training in a closed room in order to provide the greatest degree of concentration in the training.

The conference is scheduled to take place at 12:30 pm Cairo time, tomorrow, Thursday, during which Kohler will talk about the match.

The Football Association notified Al-Ahly and Zamalek clubs to apply extra time in the super match if the original time ended in a tie between the two teams, and if the extra time ended in a draw, penalty kicks would also be used.

The Al-Ahly and Zamalek delegations arrived in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday, in preparation for the match.

Al-Ahly holds the record for winning the championship 11 times, while Zamalek won the title 4 times.

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