FilGoal | News | El-Koumi: This is our new step… and the Ismaili fans did not stand with us

Juan Carlos Garrido – Ismaili – Yahya El-Koumi

Yahya El-Koumi, President of Ismaili Club, revealed the club’s new step, following the completion of the deals and the announcement of the coach.

Al-Ismaili has signed 11 deals so far, and the Spaniard Juan Carlos Garrido has announced the position of coach.

El-Koumi said on Ontime Sports: “We have a new task after the deals and the coach, which is to lift the ban on the team, which is our main concern.”

He added, “We do all this for an audience, and he did not stand with us, when we resorted to them, no one stood with us, I do not want to blame anyone, I did not plead, and the Ismaili will not hesitate, whoever says this is malicious and incorrect, we say whoever wants to help, let him help, we did not hit anyone at his hands. And we’re doing all of this for the fans.”

For his part, Jarrido said: “I am happy to be here, and I am trying to provide stability to the team and perform better than last season.”

He added, “I am working on the current situation and we want to build a team at a stronger level, and we will try to build the team in a higher physical and tactical manner in order to rely on the players it needs, and then it can compete in the league.”

He concluded, “The team has suffered from instability in recent years, and I am trying to provide this throughout the season without changing, and then restore the level of the team it deserves.”

Ismaily included five professionals: Ghanaian Yao Anwar, Ivorian Abdelkader Coulibaly, Tunisian trio Hamdi El-Naqaz, Nour El-Zaman El-Zmoury and Firas Shawat.

The club also contracted with Saleh Gomaa, Bassem Morsi, Mohamed Shabrawi, Karim Arafat, Mohamed Hassan and Ahmed Mohsen.

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