FilGoal | News | El Mundo: A complaint against Rubiales for holding a sex party with the money of the Spanish Federation

Luis Rubiales, president of the Spanish Football Federation, has been embroiled in new allegations of corruption, this time by his uncle Juan Rubiales.

The Spanish newspaper “El Mundo” revealed that Juan Rubiales, Luis Rubiales’ uncle and former director of his office in the Spanish Federation, filed a complaint against him with the Anti-Corruption Public Prosecutor’s Office at the end of last May.

In his communication, Uncle Rubiales referred to a sexual party organized by Luis Rubiales in Granada in early 2020.

The communication indicated that renting the accommodation and paying the costs of that evening was done using the bank card of the Spanish Federation, and it was considered as expenses under official meetings of Rubiales and his private team. The party saw an invitation from 8 to 10 girls.

The former director of the RFEF President’s office also reported an incident dating back to August 18, 2020 when Luis Rubiales was looking for a way to transfer money from the RFEF treasury to his father, and when the uncle refused, Rubiales fired him and asked him not to see him again in his life.

The communication also highlights something that happened in August 2019 when Luis Rubiales decided to go after David Aganzo, president of the Spanish Players Association (and currently president of FIFPro).

Rubiales, also relying on the federation’s budget, has contracted a special investigative agency to track Aganzo and find out who he meets, who he talks to and who supports him.

The author, Juan Rubiales, is a former journalist who worked for the Spanish station Antena 3, before serving as bureau chief for Luis Rubiales between June 2018 and August 2020.

And Juan Rubiales also led the election campaign of his nephew Luis when he ran for president of the Players Association in 2010, and then the Spanish Federation in 2017.

For its part, the Spanish Federation published a statement in which it denied the allegations in whole and in detail.

The statement said:

“Never on those dates or at any other time has a single euro been allocated to matters not related to the affairs of the Spanish Federation.”

This crisis is added to the series of leaks published by the newspaper “The Confidencial” over the past months, which affected his relationship with Gerard Pique and how to organize the Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia, among other things.

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