FilGoal | News | Enppi on the Mustafa Shalabi deal: If his transfer to Al-Ahly stops, it will not be for financial reasons

Sherif Aboul Gheit, the official spokesman for Enppi Club, revealed the latest developments in Al-Ahly’s negotiations with Enppi regarding the transfer of Mustafa Shalaby to the latter.

Aboul Gheit denied that the deal had been halted due to any material differences.

Aboul Gheit said in statements on Ontime Sports: “In the event that Mustafa Shalaby’s transfer to Al-Ahly is not completed, it will not be due to material differences, because the numbers presented in the negotiations were very close to what we want, and if the deal is stopped, it will be for technical reasons.”

He continued, “We offered to conclude a reciprocal deal with Al-Ahly, but the salaries of its players do not suit us at all, so we removed this matter from consideration and the conversation became purely material.”

And he added, “I learned from social media that the new coach of Al-Ahly does not see that Shalaby is the best solution for him, and that Al-Ahly has stopped the deal, but we have not received anything official about that.”

He continued, “I said earlier that Mustafa Shalabi is very close to moving to Al-Ahly because we were not exaggerating at all during the negotiations.”

He continued, “There are more than one club that showed their interest in Mustafa Shalaby, and Enppi’s strategy is to give the players the opportunity to leave if there is an alternative.”

He continued, “Zamalek, Future and Pyramids expressed their interest in contracting with Mustafa Shalaby as well, but they did not send an official offer, but the whole talk was through some agents, and Al-Ahly was the only club that sent an official offer.”

He stressed, “In the John Ipoca deal, we made a reciprocal deal with Ceramica Cleopatra and got a fee, and the Football Committee wanted to include Mahmoud Metwally during the Mustafa Shalaby deal.”

He continued, “We brought up Mahmoud Metwally’s name in negotiations with Al-Ahly, but after we learned about his salary, we found that we would not be able to contract with him because this might create some problems in the locker rooms, despite our financial ability to bear the salary. With Al-Ahly, Zamalek or Pyramids, but it is possible to conclude some with other clubs.”

He added, “The reasons for the failure of Mahmoud Gad’s transfer to Zamalek? Zamalek brought back Mohamed Sobhi, who is a promising goalkeeper no less than Gad. Therefore, Zamalek had enough goalkeepers, and Gad was a young goalkeeper who received an offer from Al-Masry, and club president Kamel Abu Ali negotiated with the president of Enppi, and negotiations were easy because they were They know its value.

Al-Masry club announced its contract with Mahmoud Gad from Enppi for a period of 4 seasons, after the goalkeeper was close to moving to Zamalek.

And he concluded, “Ahmed Koshary drew our attention during his leadership of Aswan and managed to reach the Egyptian Cup semi-finals with the team and achieved good results in the league with the least potential. He is distinguished by the advancement of youth and good results in them. In Enppi, we have many young elements who have more experience and maturity, with full respect for Aswan.” .

Enppi announced that he had signed Ahmed Koshary as the new coach of the team, replacing Jorvan Vieira, who left at the end of last season.

Enppi finished last season in ninth place in the Egyptian Premier League table.

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