FilGoal | News | Fawzi El Hennawy: If I became the best player in Egypt, they would not allow me to return to Al-Ahly

Fawzi Al-Hinnawi, the Alexandrian player, revealed the scenes of the crisis he faced when joining the leader of Al-Thaghr.

Al-Hinnawi was investigated by the Football Association in 2020 after he moved for free to the Alexandrian Federation and did not complete his loan with Smouha from Al-Ahly.

Al-Hinnawi said, via Sada Al-Balad: “Al-Ahly loaned me for two seasons to Smouha, and I did well.”

He added: “At the end of the season, I found an official in Smouha asking me to sign a one-year sale to Smouha, even though my contract was with Al-Ahly for 3 years. I told him that I must return to Al-Ahly first to know his position.”

He continued: “I spoke with Amir Tawfiq, and he said to me: We need to move to Smouha, Sale for a year, and the next season you will return to us. You are the son of the club and you will return. I did not know at the time that he wanted to drop me from the restriction to make room.”

He pointed out: “I told him: I am under Al-Ahly’s command, but I do not guarantee participation with Smouha, and in order to return to Al-Ahly I need to play at least 95% of the matches and score at least 9 goals, so can you return me to Al-Ahly at that time? He told me no.”

He explained, “I asked him what would happen if I was injured and spent a whole season without playing. Will Smouha renew my contract if I did not return to Al-Ahly? I asked him, ‘It is not enough for me,’ especially since I wanted to participate in the Tokyo Olympics and that football is my future and the future of my family.”

And he continued: “Then, suddenly, I found that my name was dropped from the registration in Al-Ahly, and therefore I became a free player without warning or being in agreement with another place, so Ibrahim Hassan called me and we met with Muhammad Moselhi and I signed for the Alexandrian Federation.”

He revealed: “Later, I was asked to investigate the Football Association because Smouha paid the price of a two-year loan and only benefited from my services for one year.

He stressed, “If I was wrong, I paid the entire value of my contract, but I did not take a quarter of a pound, not even my bag of clothes.”

And he admitted: “In the end, the verdict came that I am not completely wrong, but the fault lies with people in Al-Ahly.”

And he concluded: “I have been in Al-Ahly since my beginning in the academy, but if I became the best player in Egypt – that will happen, God willing -, there are people in Al-Ahly who will not agree to my return because of what happened.”

Al-Hinnawi (23 years old) played 20 matches with Al-Ittihad this season, during which he scored two goals.

El Hennawy joined the Egyptian Olympic team under the leadership of Shawky Gharib, but he was not on the list that competed in the Tokyo Olympics.

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