FilGoal | News | Features of Zamalek’s training – confusion for Ferreira in the middle of the field… and a comparison for the right-back

Josevaldo Ferreira, coach of Zamalek, is confused about the choice of his formation, which will compete in the Super Cup against Al-Ahly.

What are the most prominent features of Zamalek’s training in Dubai in preparation for the Super? What is the expected formation according to the training data? reveal.

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Ferreira asked officials at Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium to evacuate all people after the end of the 15-minute period open to the media, during which the players engaged in physical and recreational training.

Ferreira held a session with the players, during which he explained some of the tactical matters that he intends to implement.

The training session also witnessed the Zamalek players training on penalty kicks in anticipation of resorting to it.

Here, the Portuguese coach’s confusion arose, specifically in the middle of the Zamalek stadium, as he thinks of the presence of the trio of Imam Ashour, Mohamed Ashraf “Ruqa” and Zakaria Al-Wardi in the midfield from the beginning against Al-Ahly.

However, another solution emerges, which is to push Omar Jaber instead of Al-Wardi, in light of the experiences of the Egyptian national team player, who is the largest in the derby.

And that confusion moved with Omar Jaber to another position, which is the right-back. There is a trade-off between him and Sayed Abdullah “Neymar”, but the latter’s sway remains greater in light of his superiority and good levels in recent matches.

Meanwhile, Seif Al-Din Al-Jaziri remains one of the elements that reserved her place in the starting lineup in the team’s attack.

According to the training data, the expected formation of Zamalek may be as follows:

Goalkeeper: Mohamed Awad

In defense: Hossam Abdel Majid – Mohamed Abdel Ghani – Hamza Mathlouthi

In the middle: Ahmed Fattouh – Imam Ashour – Muhammad Ashraf “Ruqa” – Zakaria al-Wardi (Omar Jaber) – Sayed Abdullah “Neymar”

In the attack: Ahmed Sayed “Zizou” – Seif El-Din Al-Jaziri

Zamalek will meet its rival Al-Ahly today, Friday, at seven in the evening, at the Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium in the Emirates, for the Super Cup title.

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