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The matter varies from one sport to another, but when a certain age barrier is crossed, that age turns into a sign above its owner’s head, a countdown that is not interrupted except by retirement.

Don’t tell me that the news of Francesco Totti’s retirement was surprising, but for some reason sadness fell over the atmosphere… He was not in his prime when he took this step, all he did was sign an upcoming event at least 5 years ago.

Like yesterday, tonight, 6 years ago Roger Federer was 35 years old, don’t tell me now that you were surprised by the decision to retire, and don’t tell me that it would have surprised you any day in those six years, but it’s the accompanying pain, inevitable.. everyone was He already knows, but do you know what they say about the occurrence of affliction?

“I got my life from the beginning”

Yes, they say it is less stressful than waiting for him, but in those cases waiting for him has a special taste, every extra night that passes is another chance to watch the man who loved this game so much for him, every day that goes by without this news falling on the ears may be a possible title, it may be Fun match, one touch can take up to four hours or more for a full match.

Since this damned banner was raised over Federer’s head, he won 3 major titles, reached his last final at Wimbledon in 2019, and after that, honestly, no one cared.. you win the title or not, you win even with one game or you won’t, no, no problem at all.

All that matters is that we’ll be able to catch even one last glimpse, a touch we made and look forward to at every opportunity, but at the end of the promised day only the facts remain: We’ll see Roger Federer one last time in the last days of September, and there’s no one on earth who can restart the past. again.

no screeching

Perhaps this is what distinguishes tennis. The news is not sad for Federer’s supporters alone. On the contrary, the maestro should not be monopolized by a certain group who encourages him.. His supporters have never written to monopolize him.

Perhaps this is due to the nature of tennis less intense than football, on the green grass with two goals if you are not with me you are the worst and I do not wish you a good day even in the summer holidays, on the narrower ground with the net in the middle, you can prefer whoever you want, then enjoy the Swiss Without an iota of guilt or an inner sense of contradiction.

Yes, you as a fan of Federer will be more happy with his achievements than me, you will dance with his titles and I will not do that, but you will not enjoy him more, do not be selfish, this fun is the right of everyone.

Over the course of a professional career that began in 1998 and is writing its end within a few days after turning twenty-four years old, you have happily won 20 high-class titles, I did not share that with you, but you will not cry alone tonight..

Peace be upon the one who loved this game for millions and left no reason to hate it.. Bye Roger.

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