FilGoal | News | Ferreira Conference: I do not count Al-Ahly’s second goal.. We faced ourselves because we are the champions of the league and cup

Josevaldo Ferreira, coach of Zamalek, explained that he does not count Al-Ahly’s second goal against his team and stressed that his team played a good match.

Al-Ahly won the Egyptian Super Cup for the 12th time in its history, today, Friday, after beating its traditional rival, Zamalek, at Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium, with two goals without a response.

Ferreira spoke in the press conference that followed the match, saying: “As I expected, it was a match with great intensity and enthusiasm from both teams.”

And he continued, “We were not clear in our way of playing and we made some mistakes, and we got an early warning, so between the two halves we changed our way of playing, but sometimes things don’t go the way they want.”

The Portuguese coach continued, “We started the second half well, and Al-Ahly was defending and not attacking at the time. Over time, we put more players in the attack and we lacked success. We were not as clear as the previous matches.”

And Ferreira added, “The second goal does not count for us, the whole team was in the front and we only had two players in the back and this is difficult, what counts for me is the way we managed the match in a large part and we were the best during it.”

And about the beginning of the match, he said: “The first part of the match was more balanced, but we could not equalize, and this was unfair to us.”

As for whether Ahmed Fattouh’s injury and Zizou’s missed opportunity after Mustafa Shalaby’s cross represented turning points in the match, Ferreira replied, “Ahmed Fattouh’s injury forced me to change my plans in the team’s form.”

He continued, “He is an influential player in the team, not only defensively but also offensively. He makes the left side very strong, and he forced us to make the emergency switch.”

He added, “We received the first goal. We wanted to change to increase the attacking ability in the team, and this is when we see an imbalance, but I see that we were better in the second half, we moved forward and got some chances.”

He added, “But Al-Ahly, since it is a strong team, took advantage of the spaces, but controlling the match in the second half was in our favour. In the last part of the match, we had only two defenders in the back.”

Ferreira continued, “The matches that have a high intensity or the finals, and not a league match is played in another way, but I am happy with the performance of my players and I congratulate them for that. They presented a serious match, and at one point it was with high potential, and I thank the fans who attended today as well.”

And he added, “The Super Cup is a match that takes place at the beginning of the season and enters the league champion and the cup champion, and today it is considered as if we faced ourselves because we are the champion of the league and the champion of the cup.”

He continued, “We have a match after 3 or 4 days and now we have to go back to the winning path again. This is our first defeat after the defeat against the Army’s Vanguards for a while. The Eastern Company match we played with the substitutes, but this main team last lost was against the Vanguards of the Army last April. “.

“Now we want to think on the same approach because the final matches have different atmospheres and conditions,” he stressed.

He continued, “Al-Ahly is a great team, but Zamalek has surpassed it in the last two years, and we want to continue the competition.”

Ferreira concluded his statements by saying: “This defeat will not affect us, we did not lose anything, it made us see that we can be better than last season, and we were the champions of the league and we will fight to be like this this season, I did not come to Egypt to lose, today is a match that did not go well for me.” Us and now back to work.”

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