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French police arrested Mathias Pogba, brother of Paul Pogba, midfielder of the French national team and Juventus, Italy.

The French newspaper “Le Monde” revealed that Matthias and 3 other people had been arrested and detained on Tuesday and Wednesday at the police headquarters.

On the second of last September, the Public Prosecutor opened an investigation on the charge of “extortion with a weapon in an organized gang, kidnapping, or kidnapping with release before the seventh day in an organized gang to prepare for or facilitate the commission of a crime or crime, and participation in a criminal association with the intention of committing a crime.”

what happened?

Matthias Pogba came out in a video in which he promised to reveal shocking facts about his brother Paul.

Matthias tweeted:

“What I expected to happen has already happened: my little brother has finally shown his true face.

He’s the one who started talking and lying to the police, you can’t blame me.

Paul, you wanted to shut me up and lie and send me to jail, I doubted it. But now this is the truth, what I say has already happened, and unlike you, I have proof of what I say and of your lying.

I will tell you again: Brother, manipulating people is not good, it is not about money, you have implicated me against my will, I almost died because of you, you have left me in a hole and you want to claim innocence.

When the whole truth comes out everyone will know that you are the biggest coward, the biggest traitor, and the biggest hypocrite on earth.

I tell Mbappe that I don’t have bad feelings towards you, but my naughty resort to a real sorcerer, my brother who claims Islam uses sorcery, it is never good to have a hypocritical and traitor near you.”

Matthias Pogba (32 years old) has previously represented the Guinea national team in 5 international matches, but he has never played for big clubs like his brother.

Matthias spent last season with Belfort in the French fourth division and participated in only 12 matches due to injury.

The French newspaper, L’Equipe, reported that the pair had been very close until last March when Paul discovered that his brother was blackmailing him.

Mathias Pogba attended all of France’s matches at Euro 2020 to support his brother.

And Matthias had said in a video clip: “The French, English, Italian and Spanish fans, that is, the whole world, as well as the fans of my brother and even the French national team and the Juventus team deserve to know certain things.”

“Those things must be known to make an informed decision if it deserves the admiration, respect and love of the public,” he added.

He continued, “Does he deserve his place in the French national team and the honor of playing in the World Cup? Does he deserve to be a key player in Juventus? If he is a trustworthy person.”

Speaking about Mbappe, he explained, “I will also talk about very important things about Mbappe, and there will be many elements and testimonies to confirm my words.”

Paul Pogba’s representatives responded in an official statement announcing the use of the police against what they described as the blackmail of Matthias.

The statement said: “The recent statements are not surprising, as they are added to the repeated threats and attempts of blackmail against Paul Pogba.”

“The competent authorities in France and Italy were informed about this a month ago, and there will be no further comments on the ongoing investigation,” he added.

According to France Info, Paul Pogba notably told police investigators that his brother Matthias was part of a concerted effort to blackmail him for 13 million euros.

During various interviews with the authorities, Paul Pogba is understood to have said he was cornered by childhood friends and two masked men armed with assault rifles during an incident in Paris and the gang demanded 13 million euros from him.

Paul claims that he is the victim of threats and attempted extortion from his older brother and childhood friends.

Between 25 and 29 March, France hosted Cote d’Ivoire and South Africa in two friendlies and Paul Pogba took the opportunity to visit my family.

It is then alleged that friends lured him into an apartment in Paris where they blamed him for not helping them financially since he became a professional player. Among them, two armed men demanded 13 million euros for their services, claiming they had kept him secret for 13 years.

Pogba revealed to investigators that he saw blackmailers several times, notably in April in Manchester and then in July at the Juventus training center in Turin.

In Turin, he met his brother, Matthias, among the people he accused of intimidating him, and then Paul Pogba contacted his club’s lawyer, who decided to inform the police.

Pogba explained that he was always close to his childhood friends and never hesitated to help them financially until last January, when he expelled his friend from his house where he was hosting him in Manchester because he realized that this person had used his credit card to steal 200,000 euros from him.

Pogba has been with Juventus since the beginning of the current season after joining him for free after the end of his contract with Manchester United, but he did not participate in any meeting due to injury.

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