FilGoal | News | Gamal Muhammad Ali reveals the reason for not enough recognition of the licenses of Egyptian coaches..and steps to solve the problem

Gamal Mohamed Ali, Director of the Coaches Department at the Egyptian Football Association

Gamal Mohamed Ali, director of the Egyptian Coaches Department in the Egyptian Football Association, revealed the reasons why the Confederation of African Football “CAF” did not recognize the license of Egyptian coaches in its tournaments.

Ali said on the On Time Sports channel: “There was talk about my nomination for the technical director of the Football Association, but the union is part of the position to manage coaches, manage teams, and another academic aspect because of the great load in the position of technical director of the Federation, which carries out all those responsibilities.”

He continued, “I did not find any embarrassment about my previous presence as a vice-chairman of the Five-Year Committee of the Football Association and my current position because the board of directors of the Federation is very respectful in dealing.”

He continued, “I studied the technical director’s terms of reference and mine completely and discussed with the Federation Council each of the items that we will work on and the problems facing coaches, and the next day I was meeting with the technical director of the African Union to discuss those problems.”

He revealed, “The first problems we faced was Egypt’s failure to join the African Training Agreement, and this is something that is not worthy of the pioneering football in Africa and the African Union.”

He added, “The International Football Association summoned the federations of the six continents and set a minimum level of scientific contents. Then the International Federation of National Associations went and requested the implementation of 8 items as requirements, but unfortunately these things did not happen in the coming years, and therefore the licenses were stopped.”

He continued, “The African Union gave a period of two years for the civil federations to correct their conditions, then extended the deadline for two additional years during the outbreak of the Corona virus, and when I searched for what was done in that file, I did not find anything that had ever been accomplished.”

And he added, “CAF met with Nilo Vingada, the former technical director of the federation, to implement the conditions for obtaining licenses in Egypt, and he prepared them every time, but nothing was done.”

He stressed, “This work requires great effort and should not be accomplished by any foreign person, because it needs to prepare 500 hours of lectures in Arabic, and he cannot be aware of the changes that are taking place at the level of Egypt.”

Jamal Mohamed Ali stressed that the scientific content is now ready and will be submitted to the African Union for review.

He added, “One of the reasons why the AFC and CAF did not recognize the training license in Egypt is that it takes 120 hours to obtain it, but they are surprised that the Egyptian coaches obtained it within only 5 days, and this is not normal.”

He concluded, “The African Union gave an exception to the senior coaches in the beginning to obtain an equivalency certificate in 5 days so that working with them from the beginning is not correct, but we should have stopped teaching that equivalent certificate after the two years that the federation gave them to the countries and to give the Egyptian coaches certificates within the normal number of hours “.

The problem of insufficient recognition of the Egyptian coaches’ licenses arose at the beginning of the current season when he led Ali Maher Future during the African Confederation Cup matches through the stands and not from the field as normal.

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